1. I bought AthleanX two weeks ago with the same Unchained Chest Advertisment going and didnt get it yet 🙁

  2. hey Jeff, when I straighten my arm diagonally and twist my wrist clock and counter-counter clock, I feel some discomfort. When I do the same horizontally or anteriorlly, i feel no discomfort. It only hurts on my left arm, what can it be?

  3. Hasan Jackson on Oct 27, 2010 8:25 pm | Reply

    Im supposed to be on the lifetime rewards list…is this something that comes on that or maybe something that i can purchase..im in my second round of athlean x and really focused on a bigger chest and this would help alot

  4. How much working out should I do if I have a baseball game about every other day. I am 14 years old and very comparative. I’m a pitcher. Thanks,

  5. Kyle,

    I would do heavy alternate workouts on the days you don’t have games, target a different area each workout. And on the days you do play, I would do some light lifting and cardio to keep yourself tuned.

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