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stallone expendablesOne of the most common questions I get, particularly from those guys in their 40’s, 50’s and beyond who are looking for a workout program to follow that will work WITH them instead of AGAINST them is…..“Jeff, should I even bother or am I just too old to build muscle”?

While I am fully prepared to offer an educated response to this question (having answered it at least 500 times now in my life!), the thing is….this one always gets me a little upset.  No, not in the way of being angry….but more so legitimately saddened by the thought that there truly are some guys out there who think they don’t DESERVE to look GREAT beyond a certain age or something!


Is Age Really Just a Number?

I have always firmly believed that age (just like bodyweight, the amount of weight you lift, how fast you can drive your car, etc) is just a number! Don’t believe me?  Check out the new movie coming out this week called The Expendables.  The cast is filled with 50+ year old “former” action heroes.

Why do I say “former”?  Because one look at the trailer and it looks as if these guys never went away to begin with…having just picked up kicking butt from where they left off the last time we saw them star in an action movie (for some…10+ years ago)!  Ummm….someone forgot to give these guys the message that they’re too old to be doing this! But do you see my point?  

The point is….they’re not too old, and neither are YOU! It is quite possible to build new muscle at ANY age!  As a matter of fact, studies have shown that while greater care has to be taken during the process to avoid excessive muscle breakdown and overtraining, it is still possible to build pounds of new muscle well into your 80’s!!  Yes…you’re 80’s!!

Still wondering if that 45 year old body of yours is ready for a trade-in? It’s just that you need a sensible approach to getting the job done.


Overtraining Is NOT The Way To Go…

That said, while I have a tremendous amount of respect for a certain spokesman for a certain “other” 90 day training program (and the incredible physique that he displays at his 50+ years of age), I don’t have the same high regard for the program itself.  Many a male has come up to me, frustrated and run down after attempting the program and being unable to put on any significant muscle size.

As a matter of fact, they’ve lost size during those 90 days.  The problem?  Too much being asked of the body.  While I said that it’s certainly possible to gain new muscle at any age, it doesn’t mean that you can abuse your body and it will still readily respond.

As a matter of fact, the older you get the more care you must take to ensure that you do get consistent muscle growth. Workouts have to get shorter not longer.  Intensity has to get greater….not less!  Exercises have to become more varied not remain the same month in and month out.

Meal plans have to become easier and not more complex and time consuming.  The body has to be challenged functionally and not just in the nonfunctional ways that rigid gym machines provide.

This and so many other factors contribute to the success of a 40+ year old guy being able to not only just put on muscle, but to defy popular opinion…and add significant muscle (and burn significant amounts of fat as well!) consistently year in and year out!


The RIGHT Program for Building Muscle At Any Age

Does this type of program exist?  Well…of course it does.  And it’s called the AthLEAN-X Training System.  It’s my answer to all of my guys out there who have asked this critical question of “Am I too old to build muscle?”…knowing that if I were to let them find their own answer they would eventually succumb to the belief that they were since the workout answers at their disposal would have made them feel every bit their age and no less discouraged.  That’s garbage and simply not true.

So with that guys…lets form our own version of the “X” Pendables!  I’m currently accepting applications for my “senior” most group of guys that are doing AthLEAN-X and kicking a#&!

I know of some of you already!  But I want to hear from ALL of you!  Send me your suXXess stories and become part of the AthLEAN “X”Pendables!

We’d love to hear from you and we’d love to use your stories to inspire others like you who have asked the question and might have been ready to give up working out forever…until that is…you proved that it’s never too late!  Really looking forward to hearing what you’ve got to say!

Stay Strong,


PS.  Maybe when they film the sequel to The Expendables….I’ll nominate my crew of  Team AthLEAN X-Pendables vs. the Stallone led crew and you guys can all battle it out on screen to settle the score as to who’s  more fit?  I’ll put my money on my guys any day of the week (even though in the back of my mind I’ve got a sense that Stallone will be doing action movies into his 80’s for crying out loud!).

That said, if you’re looking to get a head start on the right kind of program and are now fully convinced (as you should be) that it’s NEVER TOO LATE TO START, then CLICK HERE to get the AthLEAN-X Training System! This is the only program developed by an actual trainer to elite celebrities and athletes, a physical therapist with an understanding about injury prevention, and an innovator when it comes to exercise selection (so that even after years of working out or thinking you’ve seen it all)…always bringing you unique ways to keep your body guessing (and growing) well into your 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond!