I’ve been getting more and more emails from people asking about the difference between P90X or P90X2 and the ATHLEAN-X training system. First off, I think P90X has a done a great job of getting people off of the couch. As a health professional it always makes me happy to see people moving towards a healthier lifestyle. However, as a certified physical therapist and trainer of pro athletes I can tell you without a doubt there are some fundamental principles that P90X doesn’t address. For starters I believe that the workouts are too long and performed too often resulting in overtraining which will severely limit muscle growth.

With any fitness program a key question needs to be: “Can I do this for the rest of my life”. When it comes to P90X I think the answer is an emphatic “no”. It’s one thing to train 60-90 minutes every day for 3 months. Can you sustain that forever? Even if you DID have the time wouldn’t you get bored doing the same workouts with the same DVD in your living room?

These are just some of the reasons why I created the ATHLEAN X Training System. I wanted to give the average person the same access to elite, effective training techniques and practices that I give to my pro athletes. The ATHLEAN-X Training System is an ever evolving, fast, effective workout that will build lean muscle and burn fat in as little as 20-40 minutes per day only 5 days a week. Some weeks you only train 4 times! My training system is SO effective I’ll stake my reputation on that fact that it will give you BETTER results than P90X…in half the time!

If you’ve come to this page because your looking for an effective training system and were told to get P90X, try my pro athlete endorsed ATHLEAN-X Training System. It comes with everything you need to get results fast. It also comes with a customer service plan that no other program on the market could even dream of…my personal “X-tra mile” guarantee. Learn more about the Athlean-X advantage here and then get the system by clicking the button below.

If you’re currently doing P90X or you just finished up the program and you’re looking to keep training and making some serious gains, join TEAM ATHLEAN today and see what kind of results you can get when you’re training the way pro athletes train.

Remember guys if you want to look like an athlete, you have to train like an athlete…

Sincerely, Jeff Cavaliere MSPT, CSCS jeffCavaliere_signature Creator of the ATHLEAN-X Training System Pro-Trainer to Pro-Athletes of MLB, NASCAR, MMA, NBA Former Head Physical Therapist NY Mets Asst Strength Coach NY Mets Men’s Fitness magazine contributor Published Author