No Pain...More Gain

Full, pain free joint range of motion is a requirement of peak function and strength.


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Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapist Jeff Cavaliere created MECHAN-X out of a need to help his elite level athletes function at peak levels without strength limitation or joint pain.

The Missing Link in Recovery

Recovery is the number one requirement for gains in natural drug free lifters. Without it, results are compromised. Muscle recovery only addresses one half of the equation. Joint recovery is the most overlooked element of intense training and mistakenly taken for granted. MECHAN-X redefines joint recovery and in doing so, will make you rethink the results you may have thought were achievable!

With the 5 best hand-selected joint recovery ingredients, MECHAN-X was created to normalize joint mechanics and restore pain free range of motion throughout your body.

MECHAN-X helps your body in two key ways:

1. If you’re constantly shifting the load away from the muscles you’re trying to build to make it easier to handle the joint discomfort you’re feeling, you’ll never get as big or strong as you’d like. Period. By relieving joint pain, MECHAN-X allows you to put the stress of exercise overload back on the muscles it was intended for! No more letting knee pain hold you back from getting bigger legs. No more allowing shoulder pain to keep you from developing the chest and upper body you deserve from your hard training.

2. By reducing joint inflammation, MECHAN-X allows you to stop compensating and shifting loads to other joints that are poorly equipped to handle them! Passing the job of the knees onto the low back is the fastest way to injure your lumbar spine! Asking your body to press overhead with poor or altered scapular mechanics is a recipe for chronic shoulder pain! With normalized joint mechanics now in place, you can lift heavier and harder, and recover faster than ever!

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Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapist Jeff Cavaliere created MECHAN-X out of a need to help his elite level athletes function at peak levels without strength limitation or joint pain.

Glucosamine Hydrochloride (800mg)

Found in the thick fluid surrounding joints and when paired with Condroiton Sulfate in a 5/4 ratio has been proven to greatly improve cartilage health. A recent two year study found supplementing Glucosamine and Condroiton to significantly reduce joint space narrowing when compared with a placebo.

Chondroiton Sulfate (640mg)

Protects cartilage while promoting its elasticity to increase shock-absorbing capabilities in joints. It is particularly effective for treating symptoms of osteoarthritis of the knee including a reduction of joint swelling and effusion.

Cissus Quandrangularis (550 mg)

Has been shown to have numerous health benefits including strengthening bones and connective tissue. Athletes have long championed this ancient herb’s effectiveness at treating sprained joints. The mild sedative and muscle-relaxing properties of Cissus is why MECHAN-X is best taken just before bed.

Hyaluronic Acid (80mg)

The oil that lubricates the moving parts of the body, particularly in the long bones where so many compound gym movements occur. As we age the thickness of synovial fluid dissipates and supplementing with Hyaluronic Acid helps fight against this loss and the resulting bone on bone friction.

Boswellia Serrata (50mg)

Reduces pain in troublesome joints by inhibiting the formation of leukotrienes, which can cause inflammation. Studies have shown taking Boswellia to have many of the same benefits as a synthetic analgesic, but without the unwanted side effects.