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Things I enjoyed about the ATHLEAN-X program were the varity. I like that the workouts constantly change to keep the muscles guessing. Can’t get bored with any workout here. Safety. At 51 years old I have to be careful about hurting myself. Young guys may not realize it but as you age you are more susceptible to injuries, especially if exercises are not performed correctly. Jeff shows us the correct way to do things and what to avoid. Access. If I forget a particular move or exercise I can view it from my phone in seconds. Also, I can view the workout from anywhere in case I am out of town and want to get an unscheduled workout in. Complete Program. By having weight training with cardio and nutrition one really learns how to get your body in top shape. Many of my friends and my old self included, would only focus on one or maybe two of the three. It wasn’t until I started performing all three that I really moved to the next level.