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After starting AX -1,  four months ago, I look forward to my workout sessions.

I’ve also utilized many of Jeff’s other YouTube videos which focus on specific areas.  Already

I feel better, sleep better, have more endurance and see new muscle tone focusing on

abs, biceps and glutes.  My friends have noticed changes as well.


I have always been lean, active, energetic, with good metabolism with the desire to get into a

viable exercise program to no avail due to time limitations and other commitments.  Self-motivation

was a struggle for a regular fitness routine.  Most prior exercise was limited to jogging, bicycling and swimming.  Meanwhile the Focus T-25 program sits on the shelf, unused and will remain so.


At my age, I suspect I am older than most ATHLEAN-X  members.  It’s always fun to see people’s

reactions when they learn my age. I’ve maintained the same weight for probably the past 20 years

along with the lack of muscle mass or toning, not because I didn’t try.  I have always been

conscious of good nutrition but find Jeff’s suggested meal plans and nutrition tips most helpful

and on target with plenty of variety of “normal” healthy protein, fruits and vegetables.  While I struggle

to meet many of the reps or sets and challenges, I press on


Jeff’s professional certifications, his knowledge of the human anatomy, muscular skeletal system, nutrition, etc. are second to none.  He thoroughly explains the correct how to and why of each exercise routine.  His enthusiasm, knowledge and presentation skills are outstanding making

ATHLEAN-X unsurpassed.  I highly recommend it to anyone interested in a better, healthier life style.

Stay the course, you will not be disappointed.