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I’ve had to endure a severe shoulder injury and degenerative discs both of which were determined a result of combat and airborne operations from the 10 years and two combat tours I spent in the military.  My wife and I decided it was in my best interest to get out while I still had some health left at that time.

  I got deeply depressed from not being able to train like I used to as a result of my shoulder and back pain and the pounds started adding up.  After 9 yrs of dealing with the pain I ran across a video of Jeff’s on how to train and reduce shoulder pain.  I implemented the techniques, began to see results and wanted more.  I signed up for the program and never looked back.  I dropped 71 lbs after completing AX1 and up to the stax challenge in AX2. 

Jeff’s guidance has given me my life back in more ways then I could ever explain in an email.  The confidence, energy and mobility I have now at 41 is unbelievable.  A chance to meet and learn in person from someone who has changed my life for the better is priceless and would be such a motivational experience I’d treasure for a lifetime.  Thank you for your time!