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My name is Marcus Simmons. I’m 38 years old, and ATHLEAN-X has changed my life. I began in 2016. I was unhappy, and knew exactly why. I was laying awake in bed and came across one of your YouTube videos. I bought the program that night before I went to sleep. It’s the 1st program I’ve truly stuck with. Once I began to see results….I could not stop. I immersed myself in your meal plan. I watched more of your YouTube videos. I became eager to learn. I’ve completed AX1, AX2, all of the NXT programs, Xero, Inferno Shred, Inferno Size, Beaxst. I am currently working my way back through the NXT programs. I’ve never felt better or looked better. It is truly an amazing feeling to be able to take your shirt off and have NO FEAR. ATHLEAN-X has impacted every aspect of my life from my relationship with my wife and kids, to my performance at work. Now, everyday I feel I have a goal or a challenge. The days that I may fall short or fail, just reinvigorate me for tomorrow. Thank you!!!