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A couple of years ago, I covered the amazing transformation of India’s #1 actor, Aamir Khan. What I didn’t know (until he recently contacted me) was that he has been following my ATHLEAN-X videos for a long time. And now he wants to get started on his newest transformation!

The man known as “The Perfectionist” is eager and ready to get back into the best shape of his career. And I’m excited to play a part in helping him get there!

I think you’re going to take a LOT of useful things from this video. The workout. The nutrition mindset. The motivation. I know I’m pumped to bring this to you!

Let the gains begin!!


P.S. The underlying theme to this or any significant transformation is this.  Nobody is going to hand you anything.  Hard work will be required.  But, when you train smart and have a plan…the results you can/should expect will be better and come faster!

Click here for a complete step by step plan to your best body

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Aamir Khan Workout & Transformation (NEW – 2019!)