3 comments on “Bench Press Pain Solution… (1 SIMPLE DRILL)‏

  1. Jeff,

    When I bench press I seem to strain my neck muscles and I am looking for a technique to stop this

  2. Armin Geissler on Jul 9, 2016 12:38 am | Reply

    Jeff I have watched many of your video presentations. Currently I rehabbing a should surgery I recently had. I can’t quite remember how I ended up here at your site, but your information is extremely helpful, so thank you! I saw a video that I can’t seem to find where you took a band and wrapped it around your wrist and then externally rotated your shoulders. I find this exerciser very helpful with warming up before work outs. At fist my MRI confirmed a 10 mm labrum tear in my left shoulder. After arthroscopy the doctor determined the labrum was fine, however I was suffering impingement from inflamed bursa tissue. So the labrum surgery turned into a decompression which included filing down the acromium. Please let me know if you can help me find this video.

  3. Jeff would you suggest using cable machine for chest exercise to lose chest fat? Maybe 3 positions (giant sets)100 reps each position?

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