5 comments on “How Gymnasts Build Huge Muscles… (AND SO CAN YOU!)‏

  1. Hey Jeff,

    I wanted to correct or add something to your clip. I am a gymnastic trainer for almost 7 years now, licensed by the German Olympic committee, so I know a little bit about it.
    At first, I like your videos they’re pretty and you got some points of training like a gymnast, but there are a few more points especially in the skill work. You know, most elements are very difficult and unable to be trained as a whole thing, so they are getting split into several parts. In each part you focus on a special thing, for example that planche in your video (which is not a gymnastic element at the parallel bars, but on the rings). At first you focus on a good handstand and do several heavy exercises that support learning a handstand and getting the strength to hold it. After that you focus on the strength in the shoulders an back to get Or hold that planch position, with body weight exercises but, and that’s the important thing I wanteted to say, these exercises are all a typ of a planche,they are not completely different exercises. For doing a planche, you have to imagine it, so you need exercises that seem familiar to the element you want to train. Then the different techniques are important, mostly the normal overload. So the essence of my comment should be, gymnasts train their strength mostly in the skill work by learning a new element and a few supporting exercises.

  2. morgan norval on Jun 19, 2016 7:54 pm | Reply

    I like your video on how gymnasts build big muscles. As the video demonstrated bodyweight exercise, have you considered doing a video using dumbbells , barbells, or machines using the same priniples mentioned in your video? I think such a video would attract a lot of interest.

    Thanks for any reply.

    Morgan Norval

  3. I think the reason gymnysts look so tight is the dynamic isometric element under significant load and the amount of time this dynamic isometric exercise in each set and/or repetitions or hours spent practicing.

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