My 2700 Calorie Mistake! (IMPORTANT LESSON)

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Man did I screw up. But I’m glad I did.

Because I learned very early on that muscle mass does not come from extra calories.

See what I mean here

The fact is… Without this one thing, all the calories in the world won’t help you to build quality muscle mass.

HINT: I’m not even talking about working out. That’s a given.

Learn from my mistake here (and build muscle faster!)

weight-gainer-supplements-to-build-muscle-mass-ytQuick heads up on this video. It’s a little bit of a “Jeff rant”. It’s something I’m really passionate about, so you might want to break out the earmuffs. But, despite the language the truth should ring loud and clear!



P.S. Did you know that you can actually build muscle without being in caloric surplus. Yep, it’s been proven time and again in sports nutrition research. Remember that when you’re watching this video.

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