10 comments on “The Supplement Timeline (What, When & Why!)

  1. Great video, nice breakdown. I’ve always wondered what to take and you pretty much summed it up in this video. I will purchase these supplements from your site. Thank You!

  2. Hello your advice is awsome you have tought me alot im a physical trainer in the army so your videos have helped im woundering if you have as weird as it sound exercises to really strengthen my feet as my right arch has collapsed wich had knock on effect on my knees and back hope to hear back from you soon
    Thanks 🙂

  3. Richard Caraballo on Apr 14, 2015 4:46 am | Reply

    Jeff i have a question. Most of my training happens at night, i train then within 2 hours or so I’m sleeping. I’m taking a whey prison currently and i mix it with 1% milk. My question is, would I be better off taking a slower digesting casein protein or sticking with my whey protein before bed. Love the videos, thank you for all the knowledge!

  4. Stuart Conway on Apr 15, 2015 10:27 am | Reply

    Thank you very Much Jeff.I will be 55 in november this year,and I have just started to train again after 5 month out with heel and shoulder problems .Basicly just giving my Body a rest.I feel a lot better now and want to start taking supplements again ,so found your info vey helpful.
    Stuart in Turkey

  5. Michael van Beek on May 2, 2015 3:31 am | Reply

    Hi Jeff

    im a young father of 33 years and kinda hobbying in the gym for about 12 years now and was getting real tired of those “standard”
    excersises. Always had to challenge myself on number of reps in a set instead of using or learning / looking for some more excersises wich would be hard on its own instead of more and more reps.until i learned from someone at work about this program and website. im realy loving it. i already was busy learning from foods by self study on the net to be able to eat healthy as well. and been eating healthy for 2 years now and not having problems with cravings to any kind of junk food at all.
    all your videos are realy helping me out with alot of new workouts , challenges and more good foods to eat. (im loving the microwave eggwhites wich i have to make myself from eggs sinds they dont sell that in a box in the market here in holland)
    and some of your videos raises some questions about creatine and i realy dont know if you got this covered this already. Nowadays there are so many kinds of creatine that i realy want to know wich kind is best and for what reasons. I think the latest of the creatine would be Kre-Alkaline ?

  6. This was a really helpful video.But i also had some questions to ask. For example what kinda foods should i consume during breakfast, before and after training, and also some healthy snacks you would have recommended.

  7. hi Jeff, I’ve been taking protein for nearly 20 years now but I got a low kidney function reading and my doc says cut the protein down. I was taking a gram to a pound of body weight. I’m 175 pounds in weight. So now I’m having it just in my food and dropped it to 100 g max. Will I still gain muscle. I’m 50 in two months time. Thanks

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