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Have you ever been told any of the following things?

1. Planks are great for core stability
2. Planks help build strong glutes
3. Planks help prevent low back pain
4. Planks help create good posture

Now, would you like to hear the truth? NONE OF THESE THINGS ARE TRUE!!

Now just to be clear, I am not a member of some Anti-Plank Society. I have no agenda. I simply want you to get the most out of the time you spend training, and planks are not a good use of that time.  Period.

This may be one of the most important videos I ever make. Why? Because this exercise is so popular and it’s
being done by everyone from beginners to the most advanced. It’s time you become aware of the truth. So you can get on with the more helpful exercises you could be doing!


P.S.  As always, I’m NOT going to leave you hanging.  I’m going to show you something you should be doing instead of planks (just
one move that you can do anywhere – anytime) that is going to be much more helpful (and actually do what the plank was supposed to be doing in the first place)!

Watch the video here and learn what this new exercise is…

P.P.S.  This is another one of those videos that I feel separates ATHLEAN-X from the rest. It’s too easy to not question what we’ve been told and simply do what we’ve been told. The plank needed to be questioned, and the alternative is more helpful to you.  I put the same criteria and thought into every one of my programs…

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