Top 10 Workout Myths – BUSTED!! (How Many Did You Believe?)

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For as long as guys have been working out…There have been WORKOUT MYTHS!

Sure, broscience may be a new term…But it’s been practiced for hundreds of years! See the Top 10 Workout Myths BUSTED Here!

From overtraining to building muscle at any age…I cover them all in this video!

I say all the time.

At ATHLEAN-X, we put the science back in strength.

As you’ll see after watching this video, it’s sorely needed!



P.S. I admit, I probably believed at least 5 of these the first time I heard them. Thankfully not any more! If you’re tired of the misinformation and want to start building serious muscle with a responsible coach guiding you every step of the way, then I invite you to join my team!

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