4 comments on “Muscle Building Plateau BUSTER

  1. Jeff, I wanted to know if we should be working in YouTube workout vids in with the Athlean workout, or just sticking to the program?



  2. Hi there,

    I have watched some of your videos on youtube and I am really impressed and amazed by some of the great exercises that you demonstrate. I would like to know what good exercises are there to carve back fat or more better known as love handles into proper solid obliques. Could you give me some good tips to get rid of it and convert it to strong muscle.

    Kindest Regards

  3. Hey Jeff, can you deadlift with dumbbells and if so can it be just as effective on your back or will it effect other muscles. Thanks.

  4. Hi Jeff I’m Arturo from Peru, I have recently been operated on with a meniscus fracture in one of my knees and also in tendonitis treatment on my shoulders, currently my doctors recommended resting and begin my physiotherapy so that I can return to my work and activities. During these last 2 months for these reasons I have not been able to train in the gym and just worrying about taking care of my food avoiding junk food. Now that I have been watching your channel on YouTube and the different testimonials and considering that the gym closest to my house is being too crowded that I can not train efficiently I have decided to start the AX1 and taking into account the previous points as I should start with The AX1.

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