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Kristy here – I’m a real woman with real kids and an unreal amount of responsibilities.

I contacted Jeff after my boyfriend started to do Athlean-X. He sent me the early draft of the program and meal plan and I followed it to the letter. Actually I did slip up a bit but the results were still nothing short of a miracle. I NEVER have time to workout, going to a gym is just not an option.

With the Athlean-XX programs I can just pop in the DVD’s and do the workouts when the kids are napping. What’s also great is the workout cards. Sometimes I may only have a few minutes to spare, with this program I don’t have launch the DVD and do the whole 30 minute program I can choose a quicker more intense workout.

If you’ve ever wanted to get back into shape but thought you were too old, too busy or just too tired you HAVE to try this. You will be a believer!!

– Kristy