• Contains Slow-Release Protein to fuel muscle building all night long
  • Low Calorie / Low Fat

Regen-X “Slow Release Casein” Nocturnal ReconstruXion Repair Formula Protein Sparing MCT Matrix

You train hard and your diet is dialed in, yet you’re still not getting the results you want. You may very well be throwing away your “earlier in the day efforts” by eating the wrong thing before bed. Worse yet, you may be skipping eating all together and forcing your body into a deep catabolic state with no choice but to feed off your hard earned muscle before it ever develops!

Keep the muscle building process going all night long

ReconstruXion contains proprietary Regen-X “slow release casein” engineered to provide your muscles with the steady stream of protein needed to stave off breakdown. But that’s not all. Always on the cutting edge of muscle repair science, ATHLEAN-Rx ReconstruXion also delivers a powerful punch of fast acting, highly absorbable whey isolate protein to jump start growth and recovery from the minute your head hits the pillow. This potent protein matrix ensures the longest sustained delivery of vital aminos when your muscles need them the most. Our Nocturnal Repair formula further boosts the anticatabolic effect by combining protein sparing medium chain triglycerides with Leucine (an isolated branch chain amino acid that research points to as the most important trigger for turning on muscle protein synthesis) and natural holistic gentle sleep aids to allow for more restful, undisturbed sleep…giving you more minutes to build 100% lean muscle each night.

Don’t let the last meal of the day be the last thing on your mind

When it comes to developing your ATHLEAN body, you need to start your reconstruXion the second you put your head on the pillow! Let Rx-3 do the work while you rest!


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Considered one of the most anabolic of all the individual amino acids, L-Leucine is considered to be the main activator of protein synthesis via its effects on the mTOR pathway. What makes it especially vital (and often in deficient supply) is that it is an essential amino acid, which means that the body doesn’t produce it naturally. The only way for you to get this key amino acid in your system is through diet and or supplementation. Throw in its additional researched ability to prevent the breakdown of muscle tissue after intense training, and your ability to tip the balance of muscle growth in your favor just grew by leaps and bounds with ReconstruXion.

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT’s)

MCT’s are fats that more closely resemble the actions of carbohydrates with their water solubility. Due to their chemical structure, they bypass normal fat metabolic pathways and are assimilated more quickly by the body. Their fast passage allows them to enter the bloodstream and be more readily used as energy, helping to not only kick start the muscle repair process but to spare protein from being metabolized for the same job. This leaves more protein to be utilized for the number one intended goal…muscle growth…making ReconstruXion one of the most protein efficient recovery formulas on the market.

Pure High Grade Whey Isolate

Spark muscle protein repair from the moment you put your head on the pillow. Fast acting whey isolate protein compliments the slower digesting casein protein to provide the ultimate one-two punch for muscle recovery while you rest. While others may overlook this critical period of tissue repair, you’ll be resting easy knowing that you are providingyour muscles with not only the right nutrients, but the best chance to come back bigger, faster, and stronger than the last time you used them because of this valuable recovery aid.

Slow Release Casein Protein

All protein is NOT created equal! Different from the rapidly absorbed whey protein utilized in XLR8, casein slows down the rate of gastric emptying, which prolongs the duration and delays the speed at which amino acids are absorbed into the blood stream. While this wouldn’t be an ideal choice to take advantage of your post workout hyper-absorption window, it does make casein the ideal protein source to take when going to bed, or when you know you will be going prolonged periods without the opportunity to refuel. Slow release casein will allow provide you with the steady supply stream of aminos your body needs to stave off “results crushing” muscle catabolism. NEW Dynamic Release Protein Matrix

Dynamic Release Protien Matrix (All new and improved)

Combines the fast acting power of Whey Protein with the long lasting slow release protein casein to provide the perfect environment for repairing and rebuilding your body after a day of intense training. Whether you mix with water or milk you will get the benefit of both protein sources working for you.

Order RX-Complete get all 3 supplements for

Order RX-Complete get all 3 supplements for