Target your weak muscle groups
with TNT



TNT is a standalone plugin that integrates into your AX-1 Training System to help you target your slow to grow muscle group.


You can still use TNT to put your non responding muscle group square in the crosshairs and blast it into submission.

CHEST DE-CONTAINMENT Chest De-Containment Workout

When you take off your shirt do you know the first thing people, especially women look at? It’s your chest. That’s right it’s not your abs or arms…they want to see how broad, ripped and defined your chest and pecs look.

That said…if you thought it was all about just the upper, lower, and inner chest then you’re going to be blown away by TNT.

The key to TNT “Chest De-Containment” is that it focuses on all four zones of your chest to produce results you can’t get anywhere else.

If you want the perfect frame for your abs, strong separation, a sculpted look from the side and a chest that pops out of your open shirt near the collarbone then you TNT Chest De-Containment was made for you!


  • Why the crucial difference between chest and shoulder exercises is all a matter of angles… and how just a few degrees makes a world of difference.
  • The one and only way for you to reach true muscle failure in your workout… and how it’s impossible to reach muscle failure with a traditional bench presses…even with a spotter!
  • How to maximize the crucial Time Under Tension for all the targeted muscles in your chest.
  • How throwing punches like your in a Ballroom brawl will have you looking like the last guy anyone would mess with.

BICEPS Biceps Blaster Workout

Quick! Make a muscle. I bet you flexed your biceps right? That’s because the biceps is what I call the “make a muscle” muscle…and for good reason.

It doesn’t matter how good of shape you’re in, the first thing people look for and look to show off when it comes to muscles is the biceps. After all, it’s the only muscle that you’ve got pretty much continually on display.

Now the bicep isn’t a difficult muscle to build, but most workouts only give you enough to get some quick improvement. They abandon you before you get that next level definition or ever put that elusive peak on top!

The X-Treme Biceps Blaster from TNT gives you the simple yet powerful exercises that focus on nothing but delivering you the incredible bicep muscles you want…while leaving nothing out!


  • Why most so called “biceps” exercises aren’t doing anything but putting excess strain on your back and shoulders!
  • The “No Money” curling technique that will have your biceps looking like a million bucks!
  • How one exercise you use for an entirely different muscle group could give you more biceps growth than ever before when used in a specific way!
  • The secret to curling big weights …and more importantly, to unlocking bigger biceps (complete with peaks)!

TRICEPS Triceps Call to Arms Workout

You’ve probably been lifting long enough to have heard that in order to get significantly bigger arms you better focus on the triceps. After all…they make up 2/3 of the mass of the arms!

But knowing this and actually being able to do something about it are completely different. Without a plan to attack all three heads of the triceps in the right sequence and the minimum volume required to produce explosive results, you’re likely to become frustrated with how your arms fill your shirt sleeves!

With your triceps heavily involved in all other pushing work you’re doing (ie. chest and shoulder workouts), getting the exact volume of direct work right…has never been more important!

It’s time to wage all out war on the back of your arms with the most targeted, effective and explosive workout combo yet…TNT “Call To Arms” Triceps!


  • How one slight adjustment in one of the most popular triceps exercises (that takes 2 seconds to change) can increase triceps recruitment by almost 65%!
  • The power of “strength curve overlapping” and how you can apply it quickly to ignite an inferno in the back of your arms unlike any you’ve felt before! (WARNING: This is intense!)
  • How you can target any of the 3 triceps heads AT WILL on virtually any triceps exercise with one simple to execute tip!
  • How respecting the “invisible electric fence” can turn a simple bodyweight exercise into one of the most insane triceps torchers in your arsenal!

SHOULDERS Deltoid Detonation Workout

There’s no hiding the fact that your shoulders set the stage for the entire upper body by creating the width in your physique!! The greater the difference is between the width of muscular and strong shoulders and the tightness of a rock hard and ripped waistline, the bigger you look.

Unfortunately, if you’re like most guys, the shoulders are one of the most difficult muscle groups for you to get to respond. That is…until now!

Using a very specific exercise progression and some of my most unique and effective “rut busting” tactics for turning up the workout intensity like never before, your shoulders won’t have a choice but to respond to TNT Deltoid Detonation with new size and strength.

It’s time to detonate those delts…TNT style!


  • The power of “pressing” drop sets and how you can use them to ignite virtually every single muscle fiber in your delts!
  • The one shoulder exercise that actually produces better results when you “CHEAT”! Who said perfect form is ALWAYS necessary?!?
  • How one piece of furniture (that everybody has) can turn a regular pushup into a shoulder scorching bodyweight exercise in 5 seconds!
  • The answer to why you haven’t been able to get those rear delts to blow up like the rest of your shoulder …you’ve been doing the complete opposite of what you should be doing (and now you can fix it!)

BACK Deltoid Detonation Workout

Out of sight…out of mind? No chance. The back is literally the canvas on which all the rest of your upper body “show” muscles are displayed. Don’t believe me? Ask yourself when is the last time you saw someone with a dense, wide muscular back without an eye popping chest, shoulders, and arms? Didn’t think so.

Problem is…even those guys that take back training seriously often make more training mistakes here than on all the other muscle groups combined…and it kills their size potential!

Using my “width/depth” combo approach and some of the most unique and effective “rut busting” tactics for turning up the workout intensity like never before, your back won’t have a choice but to respond to TNT “Bombs Away” Back with new size and strength.

It’s time to blast your mid-back and unleash those lats…TNT style!


  • How to tap into the “3rd dimension” of back training to not only add to…but speed up the amount of width and depth you’re able to get!
  • One simple switch you can make in your next back workout that can ignite your abs as well! Remember…the back and core MUST work together for optimal development of both!
  • How to avoid the BIGGEST mistake guys make when training for a BIG back! HINT: Anyone training hard has done this.
  • Why you’ll never again be able to say “I can’t work out my back good enough at home”! This no-gym required workout can give you better results than anything you’ve done at a gym.