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Dan Platt Dan Platt
Dan Platt – 50 Year Old Vegetarian Gets Real Results!Δ
Dan Platt: 50 Woodland Hills, California
I watched just about every YouTube video that Jeff Cavaliere uploaded to his ATHLEAN-X channel and became convinced that his philosophy and exercise method were second to none, intense and challenging (but not impossible), and exactly the right prescription for me to lean out and tone up. As a full time special effects artist (with credits on Tron Legacy, X-Men First Class and known for bringing the late Tupac Shakur back to life as a "hologram"), the ATHLEAN-X program was the perfect fit for my busy schedule.
But could I do this at age 49, as a vegetarian, in my home and expect real results? ABSOLUTELY! The program lays out the guidelines - I simple adjusted meals to suit my dietary needs and pushed harder than I have ever pushed before - loving every second of it. The end result? You be the judge.  
David Wright David Wright
David Wright – New York Mets All Star David Wright’s #1 Choice!Δ
David Wright: 32 New York City, New York
As always, I will never put my name on something that I don't use or believe in myself. Jeff trains me every offseason using the exact same workouts that he's now making available to you in his ATHLEAN-X System, and they undoubtedly have helped me to get in the best shape of my career.
I went from having what I felt was too much body fat when I started working with Jeff in 2006 to consistently being in my best possible shape now and have managed to add more lean muscle every year. Stop following workouts that just don't get you where you want to be... and start following my program. You're never going to train any other way after you try ATHLEAN-X.  
Simon Slingerland Simon Slingerland
Simon SlingerlandΔ
Simon Slingerland: 24 Leusden, Netherlands
"Since the beginning of the year, I have completed a few of the ATHLEAN-X programs starting with the XERO program and I am now onto AX-1 with the T.N.T. plug-ins. If I hadn't stumbled upon your videos on YouTube, I would likely still be on the couch! I just want to say that not only do I love the programs (the workouts are amazing!) but I also want to thank you for helping to change my life.
My results are better than I could have asked for in such a short period of time and I am happy to look at myself in the mirror now. Not only have you helped me make a change physically but mentally and socially as well; I have a new, more positive outlook on myself and the world around me and it's all thanks to training with the ATHLEAN-X programs. Thanks again for the great content and the even better training programs and keep up the great work, Jeff!"
Jack Eltman Jack Eltman
Jack Eltman – Firefighter Changes His Life!Δ
Jack Eltman: 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If it wasn't for his program I would still be putting the last bit of nails in my coffin so to speak. Paying for NXT is the least I could do to somehow thank Jeff for everything he has done, and is still doing, for me and my family.I've been sharing my story with every person I bump into and continue to advocate for his program.
As a Firefighter, this program just fits us so well, especially due to the cardio and the mobility we need to do our jobs. We truly are that "Athlete" that Jeff continuously talks about. Slowly, more people are joining me and making the life change for themselves. I've even finally convinced, after months of hard work, one of the most active muscle head-ripped-dude friend of mine to join us with the NXT program. He just called me to tell me he found muscles he never knew he had. He even had to stop before the end cause he thought he was gonna die. LMFAO!! Only if you knew him. Sorry, I didn't plan on babbling away, it's just that words cannot express how awesome my life is now that I've dismantled that metaphoric coffin and replaced it with a "Login to AthleanX"!!! Thank You Jeff once again.  
Mark Turk Mark Turk
Mark Turk – Hardgainer Bulks Up and Gets RIPPED!!!Δ
Mark Turk: 22 Wollongong, Australia
ATHLEAN X is the best program! I went through the struggle of trying different ways and programs such as p90x, looking to get maximum results and putting on heaps of mass, but nothing beat ATHLEAN-X. Before joining Team Athlean, I was watching Jeff's videos on YouTube and was amazed by his different, yet intense workout videos.
I subscribed and I have to say, Jeff's regular videos helped me a lot. It was from this point that I purchased the ATHLEAN-X program. I have to say that to me, ATHLEAN X is the best system in the world.  
Tom Jordan
Tom Jordan
Houston, Texas
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Philip Louie Garcia
Philip Louie Garcia
Springfield Gardens , New York
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Jarrett Green
Jarrett Green
North Haven, Connecticut
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Danny Kennedy
Danny Kennedy – Hardgainer Gets a RIPPED Back and JACKED ArmsΔ
Danny Kennedy : 19 Victoria , Australia
For anyone who does anything athletic or strives to learn more about fitness, then this program is for you. Not only is the program second to none and the meal plan super easy to follow, but with Jeff's e-mails once a week and the YouTube weekly videos you really learn so much that you can't go wrong with this program.
Jeff is constantly teaching you new things weekly to help further your nutrition and training. If you aren't a part of TEAM ATHLEAN yet, hurry up and stop wasting your time and start training like an athlete.  
Zachary Belisle Zachary Belisle
Zachary Belisle – SIX PACK ABS he never thought were POSSIBLEΔ
Zachary Belisle: 20 Sacramento, California
Thanks for the great program Jeff! You are a genius. I thought the program was awesome and helped me get great results in 90 days. I was always a little bit overweight growing up and never thought I would be able to achieve that 6 pack physique. But with ATHLEAN-X training program I was able to.
I still have some progress to go, but I know now that I am on the right track and have the right trainer in you, Jeff, and training program with ATHLEAN-X. Thanks Jeff, you have made me a fan.  
Reuben Duran
Reuben Duran – MMA Fighter Pounds His Way Into The UFC With Athlean-X!Δ
Reuben Duran: 31 Chula Vista, California
Thanks Jeff for the ATHLEAN-X training program. It has given me the ability to build strength, stamina, power and flexibility. It is a high intensity 30-40 minute workout that helps me get all my strength and conditioning done in one workout, which allows me time in my other training.
In ATHLEAN-X you will do a lot of unstable and ground based exercise which is great for me to always work the core and keep everything ground based as opposed to machines that aren't helping nearly as much. I love the ATHLEAN-X bands. They are great for my workouts and exactly what I need.  
Phil Schlueter Phil Schlueter
Phil Schlueter – 71 Year Old Defies The Hands of Time with ATHLEAN-X!Δ
Phil Schlueter: 71 Buffalo, New York
Thanks Jeff for ATHLEAN-X and your Hall of Fame Coaching. You pulled me through some very negative days and taught me that proper nutrition was necessary for me to meet the goals that I had set for myself. I am at the same weight as I was in high school but a whole lot leaner and more muscular. I do enjoy catching a glance of my abs in the mirror now and then to my amazement. To think that at my age I could have a new body was always a big question in my mind.
ATHLEAN-X is a great program and the variety of exercises certainly keeps your body guessing as to what the next torture coming is! I am looking forward to repeating the program and every other challenge you have coming my way!  
Lars Nielsen
Lars Nielsen – Gets SIX PACK ABS while gaining MUSCLE MASSΔ
Lars Nielsen: 25 Sondre Land, Norway
Thanks Jeff for the great workout program. I have been following this program for about a year now and love it.  The difference between this program and others is that this one actually works. I have tried other programs in the past and none have come close to this. I have gotten amazing results from your program and love how I get these results spending only 20-30 minutes in the gym or at home training.
Without ATHLEAN-X I wouldn't look the way I do today. Keep up the good work!