Made from durable materials to withstand intense workouts while still being easy on your joints, these travel friendly bands are not to be underestimated. Take advantage of strength curves, or use them for an incredible conditioning workout. Having trouble with 1-arm push ups or chin ups? Use these awesome tools to assist you until you’re ready to kill it on your own.

Xtreme Band Buy AthLEAN Elast-X


By far the most challenging but popular band I offer!  This IS the star of the show when it comes to using resistance bands to blast through training staleness and plateaus! At double the thickness of the ClassiX “X”-Band and with it’s 45-90 lbs of resistance, the “X-Treme” Band is the exact one that has become famous through its multiple uses during my many youtube workouts like the “MMAthlean” Workout and “1-Arm Pushup Video!

PRICE – $29.99

MOST COMMON USES OF THE “X-TREME” BAND INCLUDE:  Assisted 1-Arm or Regular Pullups, Assisted 1-Arm Pushups, MMA Scrambles, Overhead Abs Marches, Resisted Squats, Total Body Plyometrics, Insane Shoulder Thrusters, and countless others!

Classix X Band Buy AthLEAN Elast-X


This is my most versatile and universal band.  Whether you are a beginner or more advanced, this band accomodates to your levels of strength and challenges your body…forcing it to respond and grow stronger!

With it’s 15-40 lbs of resistance, the “X”-Band is perfect for training anywhere…at home, traveling on the road (fits easily into your suitcase) or at the gym…helping you to accomplish anything regardless of what equipment you have…or more importantly…don’t have!

PRICE – $21.99 

MOST COMMON USES OF THE “X”-BAND INCLUDE:  Multiple Bicep / Tricep exercises, Shoulder Pressing and Lateral Raise exercises, Assisted Olympic Movement Exercises, Twisting Core Exercises, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Woodchoppers, Resisted Power Burst Pushups, and so many more!  

Hip Burner Band Buy AthLEAN Elast-X


With AthLEAN-XX for Women just around the corner so too lurks the most understated but devilish fat torching, tight toning training tool on the market today…The AthLEAN Elast-X “Hip Burner Band”!

No matter how strong you THINK your lower body is…try a few reps with this seemingly harmless rubber loop and you’re likely to be left with temporary rubber legs (from the new challenge this places on your hard to reach and troublesome saddle areas!) but ultimately a lifetime of luscious legs!  Ladies…feel what it’s like to be envied!

PRICE – $11.95

MOST COMMON USES OF THE “HIP BURNER” BAND INCLUDE:  Hip Miniband Series, Abductor / Adductor Toning, Glute Sculpting, Portable Shoulder and Tricep Exercises, Resist-a-Pushups, and countless others!