from factory workers to computer programmers. OUr guys have challenged themselves to change themselves!
X-treme band

45-90lb of resistance

Assisted 1-Arm or Regular Pullups, Assisted 1-Arm Pushups, MMA Scrambles, Overhead Abs Marches, Resisted Squats, Total Body Plyometrics, Insane Shoulder Thrusters, and countless others!

classix “x” band

5-40lb of resistance

Bicep / Tricep exercises, Pressing and Lateral Raise exercises, Assisted Olympic Movement Exercises, Twisting Core Exercises, Shoulder Rehabilitation, Woodchoppers, Resisted Pushups, and more!

hip burner band

5-10lb of resistance

Hip Miniband Series, Abductor / Adductor Toning, Glute Sculpting, Portable Shoulder and Tricep Exercises, Resist-a-Pushups, and countless others!