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Jeff Writing

The mad science behind beaxst

“That guy’s a total beast”! Without even knowing who is being spoken about we have a clear mental picture of someone with thick powerful muscle and a “no quit” work capacity that turns out savage performances in the weight room or on the field.

The truth is, this title is earned…not given! It requires hard work and a smart training plan. Total body splits are known for building muscle and strength, but to take it to truly beastly levels we needed to apply a little mad science. Increased intensity through tried and true techniques as well as dedicated days for training power and a solid recovery plan… The result… TOTAL BEAXST!

ATHLEAN-X TOTAL BEAXST features three distinct paths that cater to each athlete’s ability level. Beginner to elite, you can unleash the beast and experience savage gains!

Filp the switch for addional levels!

Base Mode: Flip switch to learn more

Beginners can choose base mode and get a less intense version of BEAXST. Make no mistake, you’ll be doing the same 'bang for your buck’ workouts, you’ll just have the intensity turned down to a level suitable to your skills.

Beast Mode: Flip switch to learn more

More advanced athletes will add in intensity techniques and increases in volume that will challenge them and push them toward the ultimate goal... total beast.

Total Beast Mode: Flip switch to learn more

Experienced athletes will be truly pushed to their limits with more volume, savage levels of intensity and advanced exercises that will transform the toughest among you from supreme athlete to absolute animal... a truly total beast!

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TOTAL body split TRAINING…

done right

Total body training gives an athlete the opportunity to train more frequently by hitting every body part multiple times per week without the risk of overtraining.


One of the biggest criticisms of total body training is the lack of specialization. Since athletes are training so frequently, workouts tend to focus solely on strength and size. That definitely has its benefits but it also leaves a lot to be desired in other departments.

If you want to be a total beast, it’s not enough to be big and strong, you also need to be a workhorse with animal like quickness, power, and agility. ATHLEAN-X TOTAL BEAXST isn’t just a training program.

4-hypertrophy focused stages

12 Weeks of Total Body Mass / Strength Building Workouts.


Dedicated power days to develop explosive movement and savage power.


Serious training requires serious recovery. BEAXST features a combo of conditioning mixed with correctives to speed the recovery process.

The Beaxst


Beat the beast challenges

If you want to be the best, you have to beat the best. The same applies to earning the title of Total Beast. All new “Beat The Beast Challenges” give you a chance to see how you stack up to the some of today’s elite level athletes. Each stage of TOTAL BEAXST ends with a challenge from some certified bad asses. You wanna be a beast? Then see if you can beat the beasts!
You’ll be lucky if you can even keep up!

‘The Bar’ challenge

WWE Superstars Sheamus & Cesaro

Operation: Monster Mayhem

That One Legged Monster KC Mitchell

The ‘Big Nasty’ Challenge

Florian Munteanu, star of Creed II

The ultimate beast!

Say it isn’t so… He’s back to bring the pain!

Feed the beast

If there’s anything we know at ATHLEAN-X, it’s how to turn skinny guys into muscle building machines and the X-Factor Meal Plan has been the foundation of that plan since Day 1. Our all new Size Swaps will help hardgainers learn to eat right to build muscle, while the classic X-Factor foundation plan will help veteran athletes continue to build muscle without adding any unwanted fat.

  • Day-by-day Meal plan
  • Supplementation Guide
  • Easy to follow, meals that produce results!

Never count a calorie, measure or obsess… and still get ripped



Sure, TOTAL BEAXST is going to add muscle, but it is also a full athletic training program designed to make you a total beast. Someone who not only looks the part but can actually move like an animal as well!

No. I made BEAXST in 3 separate levels (Base Mode, Beast Mode, and Total Beast Mode) to accommodate anyone that wants to train with total body split workouts and make serious gains.

You will be training 3-5 days a week with BEAXST. With 4 unique stages of training, this will vary within this range depending on the mode you’re training in and specific goals of the phase.

Good question. Unlike many total body programs that drag workouts on for up to 90 minutes, the training in BEAXST is in line with much of what you’ve come to expect from A-X. 60 minutes or less of higher intensity training with less wasted time.

If you have a gym membership, you’ll have everything you need to do the program. If you train at home, a barbell, pullup bar, bench, dumbbells, resistance band, and jump rope are recommended.

Yes! We know there more than a few women who are up for the challenge. Since TOTAL BEAXST is available in 3 modes: BASE MODE, BEAST, MODE, and  TOTAL BEAST MODE,  women can choose the mode that best suits their ability level.

Absolutely! TOTAL BEAXST features quite a bit of hypertrophy training. You will need some experience in the weight room to have success with TOTAL BEAXST as it is not a total beginner program, but if you want to add muscle then you’ve come to the right place.

BEAXST is a total body split program designed to not just pack on size but take your level of explosiveness, power, and overall athleticism to new heights. MAX/Size is not a total body split program, and it’s primary focus was on just adding size.

Yes. You can’t become a beast without feeding the beast! I’ve got you covered with a day by day nutrition plan.

Yes. Anyone that orders the program when it comes out tomorrow will receive permanent lifetime access to it in their portal. This will come in handy when you want to perform the program multiple times in order to conquer each of the 3 levels of BEAXST (and become a total beast in the process!)