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Jeff Writing

The Science that builds Beasts


In a world of pseudo science and wannabe social media experts it’s easy to be tricked into falling for the latest internet trend.

With BEAXST PPL you’re getting the proven science of muscle building. These sets, reps and protocols are used by me as well as with today’s most successful athletes in the UFC, NFL and MLB.

  • This isn’t a research project.
  • it’s real, applied science.
  • Results don’t lie

No Compromise

  • Train your way

    Choose a 3 day per week PPL Split or 5-6 times a week!

  • 3 Brand New Phases

    We come out of the gate with the latest in strength and hypertrophy science to lay the foundation for gains!

  • 3 Unique Paths

    BEAXST2 features a path for beginners, intermediate and extreme!

  • All new beaxst Challenges

    All new BEAXST TAMER challenges ensure that no one gets out without making progress in performance and gains!

Beast Tamer

Three All New Beast Tamer Challenges

Think you can hang with the best? We called on some highly respected coaches and athletes from pro sports to come up with challenges that would test your physical, and mental capacity.

That is:If you can survive the first challenge!!

Michael Chandler TKO

A meal plan that powers a beast

Adding muscle mass while not adding fat has never been easier! Our simple to follow meal plan provides the step by step guidance to make sure your nutrition never gets in the way of your results again. All meals are adaptable and flexible to your specific tastes, with NO calorie counting or measuring needed. It’s scary how simple (but effective) this is…

  • Day-by-day Meal Plan & Supplementation Guide
  • Adaptable to meet specific tastes
  • No calorie counting or measuring required
  • Simple Yet Proven to get results!

Never count a calorie or measure…and STILL get SHREDDED!

Beaxst 2 PPL Hypertrophy

lifetime access
for just one payment of $98.50


Similar to the Total Beaxst program, if you have a gym membership, you’ll have everything you need to do the program. If you train at home, a barbell, squat rack, pullup bar, bench, dumbbells, and resistance band are recommended.

PPL refers to Pull, Push, Legs. This is a split whereby you train your back, biceps and upper back in one workout (synergistic pulling muscles that prefer to work together), chest, triceps and shoulders in another (push day) and legs in another (leg day!)

BEAXST 2 PPL is a push, pull, legs program (one of the most effective for packing on slabs of dense muscle) while the original Total Beaxst program was a total body split program. Beaxst 2 includes 3 months of totally new training, utilizing some of the latest science supported training protocols designed to deliver serious muscle gains.

Each workout varies between 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the intensity of the training that day. No need to train longer than an hour to see powerful results from this program.

Not only are they back, but they’re badder than every before. Starting with arguably the “baddest MF’er on the planet right now” laying down the gauntlet in month 1. Can you prevent an early round knockout from UFC phenom Michael Chandler? You’ll need to be prepared. It’s my job to make sure you are.

With all BEAXST programs, it’s never about choosing between the two. You’ll be gaining both muscle size and strength without ever having to sacrifice your athleticism or explosiveness in the process. Being a “beast” truly means having the total package of aesthetics and athletic ability. Beaxst 2: PPL delivers exactly that in one well oiled, 90 day plan.

As with every ATHLEAN-X workout program, Beaxst 2 utilizes proven science-based strength training techniques and protocols to promote overall health while delivering the aesthetic appeal of lower body fat levels and increased muscle mass. As a physical therapist, I would never sacrifice safety over gains in any of my programs and it’s what separates AX from the rest when it comes to producing effective programs that stand the test of time.

BEAXST 2: PPL is designed to scale to challenge all fitness levels. So whether you’re a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, this program can be performed by all. Complete the workouts at base, beaxst, or total beaxst level. All are scaled to meet you where you are, but most importantly…take you to levels of fitness you’ve never before experienced.

With every purchase, you receive access to the ATHLEAN Online Portal to follow and track your daily beaxst workouts, an unlimited ab workout generator, and a complete meal plan designed to pack on nothing but ripped, lean muscle while still allowing you to enjoy eating (no starvation diets ever!)