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Spending too many long hours at the gym can actually cause you to stop burning fat! See results faster with our short effective workouts.


Doing only cardio won’t get you a strong, athletic, lean body. Instead get your cardio AND strength training in at the same time!

A meal plan you can stick to

With the power of scientifically backed “nutrient fusion”, you’ll never count a calorie or measure a portion and still lose weight!


Work out at home or at the gym (or even on the road) with our flexible program! This program is a total excuse buster!

Let’s face the facts, it’s just NOT working!

Fad Diets

How many deprivation diets (low cal or restricted food groups) have you been on? These diets don’t work. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so darn many of them!

fad diet danger

The biggest problem with the concept of being “on” a diet…is that this implies that eventually, you will be “off” of it! You see, strategies based on deprivation are only sustainable for the short term and likely never to provide you with a permanent weight loss solution. At Athlean-XX, we are only interested in helping you lose permanent pounds.

Too Much Cardio

Ever notice how most cardio queens never really get abs…or even strong, lean legs? A cardio only plan can leave you looking “skinny fat” – thin, but lacking the toned athletic body you thought you were working so hard for!

too much cardio

Want to know what we call the treadmill here at Athlean-XX headquarters? The road to nowhere. You see, while doing some activity is better than doing nothing at all, workouts based solely around the treadmill are terribly inefficient at helping you change the shape of your body! It’s only with proper strength training (geared specifically for women) that we will see our fastest transformations.

Wrong Strength Program

So maybe you are strength training, but ask yourself if it makes sense to follow a workout program that men are using to bulk up when you’re trying to get lean and toned? Is this program really designed with you in mind?

wrong program

By far the biggest mistake being made by even the most popular DVD fitness programs is prescribing a “one size fits all” workout for men and women! It should come as no surprise that the many women who have been misled to follow this path have wound up experiencing unwanted bulking of the legs, butt, and upper body. Not exactly what we bargained for after 90 days of hard work is it?!?

Get ready to try something NEW!

Welcome to the XX-Zone

* Never count a calorie again

* Trade workout length for results

* Put away the "baby weights" for good

* Your energy levels will never be higher

Your recipe for suXXess…starts with our meal plan!

fact 1:

Did you know that counting calories is so inaccurate (yes, even calorie counts on packages) that it’s pretty much pointless to even bother?



fact 2:

Did you know skipping meals or eating too infrequently can slow down your metabolism?



Includes fun, fast, effective workouts (No extra cardio needed!)

Customize to fit YOU!

Every woman is different, and every woman leads a busy life! If there’s no flexibility built into your fitness and nutrition program, it’ll be impossible to stick to!

Athlean-XX for Women incorporates flexibility in TWO key ways.

• You can customize the meal plan 3 different ways, and adapt it to any eating restrictions or preferences.

• You can choose each day whether to work out at home or at the gym.

Enjoy seeing fast results, just like these ladies did!

They got results in the XX zone!
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Sue Carlucci
Lead Instructor for Athlean-XX For Women
“Ladies, it’s time to redefine what being fit really means. Getting you strong, confident and athletically toned is my number one priority…and a responsibility I fully accept! I promise I will get you in better shape than you’ve ever been before, and in far less time than you’re used to!”


– All workouts accessible online!

– 90 day meal plan, calendar and ebook

– Online “Card Body” challenges

– Restaurant eating cheat sheets

– 24/7 online support

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Got questions? We’ve got answers!

What equipment do I need to do the workouts?

All you need to get “athlean” is a pair of light and heavy dumbbells (generally in the 5-10 lb and 12-20 lb range respectively for most women), a piece of tubing, a stability ball, and a step. What you’ll most likely notice right away is that you already have a bunch of this stuff (just might have to give them a little dusting first!). Anything you don’t have can be purchased pretty inexpensively at any local sporting goods store (or even subbed out for some common household items for a “no cost” way to get started!)

What do I do after the 90 day program?

We designed Athlean-XX for Women to be flexible so that you could follow it not just for 90 days, but for a lifetime.  When you first start out, you’ll follow the beginning modifications and you can increase weight and incorporate advanced modifications as you get stronger!  It’s a true lifestyle makeover!

How is this different from the men’s Athlean-X?

Scientifically speaking, you may have heard of the male chromosome and the female chromosomes that differentiate men and women. Women are normally XX and men are normally XY. Don’t let the slight change in one letter fool you though, as it accounts for the major differences in the way women and men store fat and develop lean muscle. So, when it comes to weight loss and fitness, there need to be different strategies to get each to their goals the fastest. ATHLEAN-XX addresses this and gives you a program made especially for women! Suddenly, looking great in your “genes” has an entirely new meaning!

Will I be able to follow the meal plan?

The best part about the Athlean-XX for Women meal plan is how flexible it is!  You’ve got three options.  (1) Follow the 90-day meal plan exactly. (2) Pick and choose the meals from it that you like or that work for your body. (3) Make up your own meal plan using the lists of healthy lean proteins, starchy carbs, fibrous carbs and healthy fats that we provide in the nutrition booklet.  This flexibility ensures our meal plan can literally work for anyone!

Will I just gain the weight back after I'm done?

While the only two guarantees in life are death and taxes, we comfortably stake our reputation on your ability to lose permanent pounds with Athlean-XX…for two reasons. First, by putting your body into the “XX” Zone, we will be turning your once crawling metabolism into a fat burning furnace that will allow you to become a calorie burning machine even when you’re resting! Second, once you have completed the 90-day program and you’re going looking hotter than you even did in high school (and having more fun than ever in doing it) you’ll be so addicted to the breakthrough new way to train that is Athlean-XX that your fitness will finally become part of your life, and you’ll never want to quit!

Will I get become big and muscular?

Of course not! This is a common fear that women have that lifting weights will make your muscles bulge out like Arnold Schwarzenegger (or perhaps someone less controversial…but big!). However, this program combines weights and heart pumping cardio into single 30 minute sessions that do just one thing…sculpt out strong, lean, athletic bodies based on the science of femininity. No bulkiness, whatsoever. So have no fear; you’ll be looking very much like a woman with Athlean XX…a VERY HOT, SEXXY WOMAN, at that!

I’ve done P90X, is this different?

Definitely! With any fitness program a key question needs to be: “Can I do this for the rest of my life?” It’s one thing to train 60-90 minutes every day for 3 months. But, can you sustain that forever?  Probably not. But I bet you can you make time for 30 minute workouts 5 times per week, as we do in the Athlean-XX for Women program!  There’s another problem with these long, marathon workouts that are 60 minutes per day or more.  They put you into the overtraining zone – where metabolism can slow, muscle tone can’t grow, injury can occur and results tend to stall.  In Athlean-XX for Women, we bump up the intensity but cut the workout time in half (to just 30  minutes) and make sure to give your body rest days for recovery!  Not to mention, you’re husband won’t be doing this workout to build up his muscles (like he may have been with P90X)!  Work out smarter, not longer, with a workout tailored to you as a woman…and you can see double the results in half the time.

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– All workouts accessible online!

– 90 day meal plan, calendar and ebook

– Online “Card Body” challenges

– Restaurant eating cheat sheets

– 24/7 online support

– Delivered instantly (no shipping!)