Up to now, all of my ATHLEAN-X workouts had to undergo a lengthy rollout process. Before ever reaching your athlean online portal, they first had to be written, implemented with my pro athletes, tweaked based on feedback, and THEN adjusted to work for you. As you know, this has led to some pretty long “down time” between programs and maybe even you having to repeat the program a few times.


Well, with NXT, that’s all gone. Having gone through AX-1 and most likely AX-2 I am confident that you have the solid foundation in functional, Athlean style training required to handle just about anything.

So with that, I’m now able to allow you to cut the line and get that first tier access that you deserve.

NXT Training Phases

Athlean Anabolix

  • Whoever said you don't lift heavy in A-X...never did Anabol-X! Get ready to move some iron son.
  • 8 brand new "burst training" workouts including the insane "Dumbbell Death March"!
  • The most explosive, athletic exercise yet makes it's debut. "Taps" are here to make you tap out!
  • Test your "Triple X Set" mastery with the "15 Minutes of Fame" challenge. Will you be famous, or a flop?

Athlean Anabolix

Step into the elite training facility used by NFL All-Pro wideout Brandon Marshall and the New England Patriots and let me train you with this incredible kickoff to NXT. Anabolix was designed with one purpose in get you more muscular,

Hurricane Hypertrophy

Get ready to unleash a category 5 hurricane...inside your muscles, as you build all new muscle with one of the most intense 28 days of training you've ever faced from ATHLEAN-X! When you see the training techniques ripped straight from the NXT lab in these

Half Life

It's still your set! NXT takes extended training to a whole new level with Half Life. Utilizing the incredibly intense "decay" and "doubling" sets, your muscles will have no option of giving up since the loads will match your ability (even when utterly

Breaking Point

How much can you take before you break? We're going to find out! Breaking point introduces a "choose your own fate" feature into your training, allowing you to push yourself to your limits like no phase has to date. Points (and your pride) are at stake

Shockwave Training

It's time to send some serious shockwaves through your muscles as you unleash the most staggering training frequency overload ever seen in A-X programming! Through careful manipulation of loading parameters and off days however, as always, you can be

Wolverine Beastmode

It's BAAACK! But don't let the name fool you, there's nothing comical about this chapter of NXT. A-X diehards will recognize the name from the original (and still talked about!) Wolverine Workout, but rest assured, Beastmode takes fierce training to a whole new level.

3D-HD Training

It's time to step out of your comfort zone and into the future of training. 3 dimensions of misery overlap with a revamped version of one of AX-2's most popular training phases to yield perhaps the most athletically inspired and

In10Sity Training

Welcome to In10sity, where everything you do this month will feel ten times harder...because it is! Anyone training long enough knows that even the best designed workout performed without high effort will produce less than impressive results. But we

Pull Up or Shut Up

You've heard the old saying...'put up or shut up' right? It means, time to show me what you've got right now or forever be doubted. Well, as only A-X can do, I've got a little spin on that for you. This month, you'll have no choice but to 'Pull Up or Shut

Lady Luck

Step right up and don't be shy! She's a beauty alright but don't let her winning smile fool you. You will quickly learn no matter how you approach this lady there is no getting lucky! Each week of Lady Luck training has a winning combo of new techniques


During a particularly hard training session with one of my elite athletes we discovered that he wasn't great at a certain exercise. I expected him to get frustrated since he is truly a top level performer. Instead he said, I know where my

The 4 Horseman

Can you believe it? The 12th month of NXT is here already, and with it...the arrival of the 4 horsemen to usher in the Athlean Apocolypse...or are they? You see, instead of all things evil (we will save that for next month...YES, there will be a next
Save Big On NXT Level Training
Choose your first NXT Selected Titles:


Equipment requirements for NXT will be almost identical to AX-1 and AX-2 (dumbbells, resistance band, pullup bar, and a bench or something to lay on) with the inclusion of a barbell and some plates. HOWEVER similar to XERO, we will be providing you with alternatives in case you lack something so that you can do an equivalent exercise with what you DO have. So, as always, no x-cuses!


As has always been my philosophy, I believe you can either work out hard or long…but not both! Well, in NXT you’re going to encounter some of my most grueling workouts so you can expect the same 20-40 minute workout durations that will cause maximal stimulation and muscle growth without annihilation and overtraining!


First of all, let’s get this straight…if you decide to take advantage of the membership offer, you can cancel at any time! I’m not doling out life sentences here so if you need to cancel for any reason I’d be sad to see you go but wouldn’t hold it against you (ok, maybe a little!). That said, while other membership programs cancel your complete access to the private content when you are no longer a member…that’s not how I wanted to run it! Instead, you’ll keep up to one month less than the number of months you were enrolled. So, for instance if you were enrolled for 6 months, you’ll keep access to 5! Yes, NXT is much cooler than those other memberships!


If you decide to rejoin NXT at a later date you’ll be able to resume where you left off. For example, if you were enrolled for 7 months, left for 2 months to tour the world as an A-X ambassador and then signed up again…you’d start in month 8. This ensures that you stay on the continuous progressive path established from month to month while always still allowing you the flexibility to back track a few months and get yourself up to speed.


With the X-Factor Meal Plan serving as the foundation of what I believe is the absolute most effective long term way to eat to simultaneously build muscle and burn fat, and exactly how I eat to stay at 5% body fat year round…changing it wouldn’t give you the best results. That said, expanding on it could! So, with NXT you will now find hundreds of new “athlean approved” meal options available in our recipe gallery to incorporate into your plan (and even get the chance yourself to submit your own favorites for other team members to use, favorite and vote on!)


You can, but I’m not sure you’ll be 100% ready to tackle it. As you know, I take training progression seriously since my physical therapy background demands it. AX-2 is meant to pick up where AX-1 left off in your development…and NXT does the same for guys having completed AX-2. Again, the choice is yours, but the AX-2 beast is the ultimate prep for the demands of NXT.


I am introducing these options on Cyber Monday as a way to make the NXT workouts available to as many of my members of team athlean as possible. That said, I can’t provide these type of discounts forever, or at least, I do not intend to. If NXT has been a program you know you’ve wanted to try for a long time, but just had not pulled the trigger or were looking for a special motivation to do so…there is no better time than now. I am confident, regardless which phases you do, you’re going to agree that this is my best work yet!