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Total Body Split Training

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Your Total "Beaxst Building"Blueprint

“That guy’s a total beast”! Without even knowing who is being spoken about we have a mental picture of someone with a chiseled, powerful body and a never quit work capacity that turns out savage performances in the weight room, on the field or out in the real world.


Weeks of training


Unique Stages


levels of ability

Using the proven strength and muscle building protocols of my elite athletes (and a dash of mad science!), everyone can unleash their inner beast and experience a level of fitness never thought possible.


anyone can be a beaXst

ATHLEAN-X TOTAL BEAXST features three distinct paths that cater to each athlete’s ability level. Beginner to elite, you can unleash the beast and experience unparalleled gains!

3 Levels of Training

Total body
done right

Total Body workouts do a great job of building overall mass and strength, but lack the recovery and individual muscle volume that bodybuilders use to create dense, chiseled bodies.


My pro athlete clients total body workouts look much different than what everyone else is doing.

They can't afford to sacrifice size for strength or strength for performance.

By flipping the switch on traditional total body training to "beaxst mode", I'm able to lift the limits of full body workouts and deliver results in all three areas without compromise.

Here's How We Build Our Beaxsts!

4-hypertrophy focused stages

12 Weeks of Total Body Mass / Strength Building Workouts.

24 conditioning workouts

You can’t be a beast if you’re huffing and puffing.

Aggressive recovery

Serious athletes know - recovery is how you grow. Speed yours up with movements and protocols designed to guarantee peak performance every...single...workout.

feed the beast

If there’s anything we know at Athlean-X, it’s how to turn skinny guys into muscle building machines and the X-Factor Meal plan has been the foundation of that plan since day 1.

  • #

    Day-by-day meal plan

  • #

    supplementation guide

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    Easy to follow, meals that produce results!

Never count a calorie, measure or obsess...

and STILL get ripped


Total Body Split Training

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Still have questions

No. I made BEAXST in 3 separate levels (Base Mode, Beast Mode, and Total Beast Mode) to accommodate anyone that wants to train with total body split workouts and make serious gains.

If you have a gym membership, you’ll have everything you need to do the program. If you train at home, a barbell, pullup bar, bench, dumbbells, resistance band, and jump rope are recommended.

BEAXST is a total body split program designed to not just pack on size but take your level of explosiveness, power, and overall athleticism to new heights. MAX/Size is not a total body split program, and it’s primary focus was on just adding size.

Sure, TOTAL BEAXST is going to add muscle, but it is also a full athletic training program designed to make you a total beast. Someone who not only looks the part but can actually move like an animal as well!