Wolverine Beastmode

4-week training plan

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ANIMAL STRENGTH 2.0 With strength comes size and Beastmode’s Animal Strength Phase provides plenty of both. This phase will get you firing on all cylinders and set you up for great gains.

RUTHLESS AGGRESSION 2.0 Training explosively has been shown to target more muscle fibers and result in explosive gains in size and strength. The Wolverine Aggression phase will keep the momentum moving squarely towards Beastmode.

STALKING 2.0 The focus shifts away from simply moving large amounts of weight to placing a high priority on your ability to control it! With the introduction of the ASCENDING ISO technique, you’ll have to overcome not only your own internal voices telling you to quit but the challenge of inertia and just how tough it is to generate momentum from a nonmoving state. Can you say intense?

Wolverine: Beastmode At A Glance
  • Develop animalistic strength by trading in volume for the sheer intensity of Force Cluster 25's!
  • Time to carve in unseen muscle definition with the Ascending ISO sets found in Stalking Mode!
  • Think you've seen every kind of pullup? Nope. Welcome to Beastmode...and the Tornado Pullup!
  • Before you can exit Beastmode you've got to prove you're a beast! Withstand the 400 rep assault in the X-Man Challenge and you may do just that!
Wolverine: Beastmode At A Glance

Are You Up for the challenge?
Time to drench your cape in sweat and race against the clock as you attempt to "beast" your way through the X-Man Challenge! You'll need equal parts superhero strength and lungs of iron to complete this 5 part pulse pounder. Let's go!