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David Wright David Wright
David Wright – New York Mets All Star David Wright’s #1 Choice!Δ
David Wright: 32 New York City, New York
As always, I will never put my name on something that I don't use or believe in myself. Jeff trains me every offseason using the exact same workouts that he's now making available to you in his ATHLEAN-X System, and they undoubtedly have helped me to get in the best shape of my career.
I went from having what I felt was too much body fat when I started working with Jeff in 2006 to consistently being in my best possible shape now and have managed to add more lean muscle every year. Stop following workouts that just don't get you where you want to be... and start following my program. You're never going to train any other way after you try ATHLEAN-X.  
Reuben Duran
Reuben Duran – MMA Fighter Pounds His Way Into The UFC With Athlean-X!Δ
Reuben Duran: 31 Chula Vista, California
Thanks Jeff for the ATHLEAN-X training program. It has given me the ability to build strength, stamina, power and flexibility. It is a high intensity 30-40 minute workout that helps me get all my strength and conditioning done in one workout, which allows me time in my other training.
In ATHLEAN-X you will do a lot of unstable and ground based exercise which is great for me to always work the core and keep everything ground based as opposed to machines that aren't helping nearly as much. I love the ATHLEAN-X bands. They are great for my workouts and exactly what I need.  
Sean Hyson
Sean Hyson – Men’s Fitness Magazine Editor Points Guys Seeking “Athletic Muscle” To ATHLEAN-X!Δ
Sean Hyson: 28 Brooklyn , New York
Jeff Cavaliere has been a great asset to the work I do at Men's Fitness. His ATHLEAN-X system is perfect for guys who want to look and move like athletes. Now they can really make it happen!  
Spac Lingwood Spac Lingwood
Spac Lingwood – Professional Drummer ROCKS His Way to A Sick Body!Δ
Spac Lingwood: 28 Johannesburg, South Africa
I love the ATHLEAN-X program. It's great for me because I have limited time to train and it gives me a great workout and I can still get the results I'm looking for. The workouts change daily as well as the meal plan so your body is always getting something new. This is the complete package here, thanks JEFF!  
Alexandru Ungureanu Alexandru Ungureanu
Alexandru Ungureanu – Professional Swimmer Increases STRENGTH and MOBILITYΔ
Alexandru Ungureanu: 23 Bucharest, Romania
Hello TEAM ATHLEAN!! I am Alex, from Romania. I am a professional swimmer. Like I said in the video, ATHLEAN-X is a great program. It always keeps me surprised, with new workouts every month. It's never boring, like most bodybuilding programs which is repeating the same thing over and over again.
The meal plan is easy to follow for someone who is always on the run. All of the information Jeff gives us is very helpful. I'm happy to be a part of TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Preston Naegeli – COLLEGE ATHLETE’s choice to get to the NEXT LEVELΔ
Preston Naegeli: 28 Phoenix, Arizona
Thanks guys for a great program. I have only been training with ATHLEAN-X for 3-4 weeks and it's been awesome so far. I was a college baseball pitcher so our training stressed a lot of safety just like ATHLEAN-X. That might be the only comparison though, ATHLEAN-X is helping me get into the best shape of my life and that is saying a lot.
I used to workout for just the results and now I love to workout and the results come with it. Thanks again for a great program I recommend it to all my friends.  
Jamie Lowry – 15 Year Old Boxer DOMINATES in the RingΔ
Jamie Lowry: 15 Berkshire, United Kingdom
I've just completed AX-1 and would like to say thanks Jeff it was a brilliant program. Being a boxer it has helped me so much push past my previous fitness levels. My strength, stamina and agility were all pushed to the max in ATHLEAN-X. Many people have come up to me and wonder what my secret is, with your training has exceeded all my expectations.
I am starting AX-2 soon and can't wait for what is in store for me. Thank you again Jeff and everyone at TEAM ATHLEAN, keep up the good work.