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Jack Eltman Jack Eltman
Jack Eltman – Firefighter Changes His Life!Δ
Jack Eltman: 45 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
If it wasn't for his program I would still be putting the last bit of nails in my coffin so to speak. Paying for NXT is the least I could do to somehow thank Jeff for everything he has done, and is still doing, for me and my family.I've been sharing my story with every person I bump into and continue to advocate for his program.
As a Firefighter, this program just fits us so well, especially due to the cardio and the mobility we need to do our jobs. We truly are that "Athlete" that Jeff continuously talks about. Slowly, more people are joining me and making the life change for themselves. I've even finally convinced, after months of hard work, one of the most active muscle head-ripped-dude friend of mine to join us with the NXT program. He just called me to tell me he found muscles he never knew he had. He even had to stop before the end cause he thought he was gonna die. LMFAO!! Only if you knew him. Sorry, I didn't plan on babbling away, it's just that words cannot express how awesome my life is now that I've dismantled that metaphoric coffin and replaced it with a "Login to AthleanX"!!! Thank You Jeff once again.  
Rayshad Withrow Rayshad Withrow
Rayshad Withrow – Gets Absolutely Jacked!! (BEASTMODE)Δ
Rayshad Withrow: 22 Louisville, Kentucky
I was overweight and out of shape when I first started the ATHLEAN-X training program. I couldn't make it through the bust training days, but I stayed consistent and followed the plan Jeff laid out for us with the workouts and the meal plan. Eventually week after week following the program to a t I got better results and started seeing great changes in my body.
Seeing the results made me work harder and ATHLEAN-X has become a addiction and helped me change my life. Everything is laid out for you there is no guessing involved. Thanks guys!  
Todor Jelev Todor Jelev
Tony Jelev – The “Real Deal” Gets Him JACKED and SHREDDED!Δ
Todor Jelev: 39 Las Vegas, Nevada
I have been through AX-1 and AX-2 and would like to give my honest opinion. Both programs are equally good and equally different. No matter which one you choose you will not be disappointed. These are not your average programs with tips from some guy pretending to be an online coach.
Jeff is the real deal and I'm grateful to have him as my coach and train with ATHLEAN-X.  
Carel Kitching Carel Kitching
Carel KitchingΔ
Carel Kitching: 38 Pretoria, South Africa
I am 36 years old and 
thanks to ATHLEAN-X I am a much better person and can do more sports today than I did 2 years ago. I can play longer with my sons without getting tired so quickly and I even started playing Action Cricket.The April 2012 was before I started doing any exercises, then I came across ATHLEAN-X and I started following your exercises on YouTube and eventually decided to buy the training program, which I actually should have done from the beginning.
What impresses me the most is that I am actually doing these exercises in my own home with the bare minimum equipment and in nothing more than 30 minutes in the evening. Thanks a lot Jeff for this magnificent program.  
Itzak Lefler Itzak Lefler
Itzak Lefler – Gets JACKED Training Like An Athlete!Δ
Itzak Lefler: 30 Salt Lake City, Utah
What was so great about this program was that it was very challenging but fun at the same time. You could always measure yourself against the rest of TEAM ATHLEAN or Jeff himself! This program will help you no matter what sport you play. Being involved in martial arts this was my secret weapon against my class mates.
It helped me in so many ways and just wanted to say thank you Jeff.  
Jonathan Cantor
Jonathan Cantor
Springfield , Ohio
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Rich Van Bourgondien
Rich Van Bourgondien
Springfield, Ohio
Results may not be typical, Individual results may vary.*
Jeff Grimaldi Jeff Grimaldi
Jeff Grimaldi – Down 35 lbs and STILL JACKED!Δ
Jeff Grimaldi : 43 Port St. Lucie , Florida
Your ATHLEAN-X program is amazing! After being introduced to ATHLEAN-X by the NY Mets, David Wright and Dave Racaniello, the proof was there about training the ATHLEAN way. As a father of 2 toddlers, ATHLEAN-X gives you a quick yet intense workout needed by those with limited time.
I want to thank you for creating a workout that achieves these results. I am ecstatic with the transformation I achieved. And I look forward to continued success with the ATHLEAN-X program, to get even more ripped and build muscle mass at the same time. Thanks again to you Jeff, for your professional fitness and nutrition support. And as always, I will continue to recommend ATHLEAN-X as the ultimate workout system.  
Barner Jones Barner Jones
Barner JonesΔ
Barner Jones: 34 San Diego, California
In January of 2010 I was 224lbs and was battling shedding the 24 lbs to be my goal weight of 200. I had spent years of hard work and developing my plan alone I decided if I ever wanted to reach my "true goals" I needed help. However, for me, as my travel schedule is very hectic for my job, it is not always easy to have a trainer. I was considering many alternatives however after reviewing programs like P90X, I found ATHLEAN-X. I jumped on the program and shed the last 24 lbs, and ever since have been using Jeff's programs and and challenges in my everyday workout.
I love the program and share it with as many as I possibly can all working toward one goal of becoming the most athletic person I can be!  
Mike Dennis Mike Dennis
Mike Dennis – No GIMMICKS, No FADS!Δ
Mike Dennis: 40 Littleton , Colorado
How many times have we heard the old saying-“Nothing changes IF nothing changes!” True statement! I was for years “That guy” –the guy who tried every fad diet-gimmick supplement pills with false promises on the labels-and countless hours with many different fitness trainers that got me NO WHERE…and besides the wasted time-and MONEY-that’s what happened to me- “NOTHING CHANGED”!!! I came to Athlean-X simply by looking for a good back exercise routine on google one day-and the first video I saw was Athlean-X.
I decided at that point I was going to commit to one thing AND ONE THING ONLY-Athlean-X The Athlean-X program completely changed the way I viewed my training-nutrition-and routines irreparably! No longer was I distracted with what other guys were doing to achieve their personal goals-I had something that was mine and it WORKS!!! The videos-Express tips-and Jeff’s vast knowledge of the elite athletic programs is what I use as the basis for all my training-and most importantly-how I changed my nutrition and eating habits (No more will I use the term diet!). I am veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan-and one of the most important qualities I got from my military career was Discipline-This has helped to stay the course from the Athlean-X program-and after nearly 6 months of hard work and Jeff’s coaching(Via my laptop screen!), I have decreased my body fat by nearly 10 percent! I am crushing my workouts in the gym-and have incorporated a no nonsense application to my Burst training sessions and it is the MOST effective approach to losing the BODY FAT and increasing the LEAN MUSCLE-also I am committed to the Athlean RX supplements-so no more will I even step into a Vitamin Shoppe or GNC and waste money on products that I know nothing about! Jeff you have given me the insight on how to train like and LOOK like an Athlete at huge discounted cost!!! Guys – this is the REAL DEAL and it works! I have transformed from just an average guy in the gym-to the guy who gets IT DONE RIGHT and is looking more like an athlete every day. I stay humble-remain teachable-work hard-and am COMMITTED to what works for me-TEAM ATHLEAN!!!! Jeff I want to personally Thank you (as does my wife!) for what you have brought to guys like me!!!!!  
Julian Malloy Julian Malloy
Julian Malloy – Impresses Entire Family With His Gains (AND LOSSES!)Δ
Julian Malloy: 35 Montclair, New Jersey
You were right Jeff all we had to do was listen to you. Your workouts and advice and your meal plan and the results will come. You can see in my before and after pictures, I got the results for sure. I want to thank you for all your time and effort you put into the program and into bringing us a quality product that you truly care about.
I love it, it has changed my life for sure.  
Greg Ulmer Greg Ulmer
Greg Ulmer – SLASHES inches of Belly Fat and STRENGTHENS COREΔ
Greg Ulmer: 40 St. Augustine , Florida
I've been training with the ATHLEAN-X system for about a year now and could not be happier. ATHLEAN-X has helped me to lose over 40 pounds and I am still seeing changes in my body everyday. I love the quick high intensity workouts. The program is laid out all in front of you and super easy to follow. I've noticed great changes at the gym I am getting stronger and can see more definition in my body. Can't go wrong with ATHLEAN-X I recommend it to all my friends. THANKS JEFF.