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Mark Turk Mark Turk
Mark Turk – Hardgainer Bulks Up and Gets RIPPED!!!Δ
Mark Turk: 22 Wollongong, Australia
ATHLEAN X is the best program! I went through the struggle of trying different ways and programs such as p90x, looking to get maximum results and putting on heaps of mass, but nothing beat ATHLEAN-X. Before joining Team Athlean, I was watching Jeff's videos on YouTube and was amazed by his different, yet intense workout videos.
I subscribed and I have to say, Jeff's regular videos helped me a lot. It was from this point that I purchased the ATHLEAN-X program. I have to say that to me, ATHLEAN X is the best system in the world.  

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Danny Kennedy
Danny Kennedy – Hardgainer Gets a RIPPED Back and JACKED ArmsΔ
Danny Kennedy : 19 Victoria , Australia
For anyone who does anything athletic or strives to learn more about fitness, then this program is for you. Not only is the program second to none and the meal plan super easy to follow, but with Jeff's e-mails once a week and the YouTube weekly videos you really learn so much that you can't go wrong with this program.
Jeff is constantly teaching you new things weekly to help further your nutrition and training. If you aren't a part of TEAM ATHLEAN yet, hurry up and stop wasting your time and start training like an athlete.  
Lars Nielsen
Lars Nielsen – Gets SIX PACK ABS while gaining MUSCLE MASSΔ
Lars Nielsen: 25 Sondre Land, Norway
Thanks Jeff for the great workout program. I have been following this program for about a year now and love it.  The difference between this program and others is that this one actually works. I have tried other programs in the past and none have come close to this. I have gotten amazing results from your program and love how I get these results spending only 20-30 minutes in the gym or at home training.
Without ATHLEAN-X I wouldn't look the way I do today. Keep up the good work!  
Jim Nas Jim Nas
Jim Nas – Constantly Challenged, Never BoredΔ
Jim Nas: 29 Melbourne, Australia
Just want to say thanks Jeff for bringing us a great program and for your commitment to always improving as well. You've put in a lot of hard work and are constantly bringing us new workouts and new forms of training so it's never boring. The program is constantly challenging me with different workouts everyday and new challenges every week or month.
Again a big thank you and I recommend this program to anyone who wants to challenge themselves to be the best they want to be because they will see results.  
Spyros Pandis Spyros Pandis
Spyros Pandis – Will NEVER Use Another Program AgainΔ
Spyros Pandis: 22 London, England
ATHLEAN-X is the best training program I have ever been through and I will never have to try another. The program gives you everything and I love how there are constant challenges to measure yourself and see how you are doing. My whole body as made great gains. I can't want to workout everyday with the workouts changing daily and always something new from Jeff that we haven't seen before.
Keep up the great work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Tim Grimwood
Tim Grimwood
Calimesa, California
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Rob Tyre Rob Tyre
Rob Tyre – “Hardgainers” Only Exist When You’re Using The WRONG Program!Δ
Rob Tyre: 21 Cherry Hills, Colorado
Growing up I was the smaller, skinny kid. It took till about the age of 19 till I got serious about my fitness. Stuck out in the middle of Iraq serving our country, I stumbled across ATHLEAN-X online. The product gave me the nutrition program, and workout regime I needed to begin not only transforming my body, but also my mind and way of life!! This program made me push myself to limits I didn't think were possible and now when I look at myself in the mirror and see where I was and where I am now, I've never looked back.
Oystein Engo Oystein Engo
Oystein Engo – Saves TONS of Money (Avoids Pricey Equipment and Gym Memberships)Δ
Oystein Engo: 28 Oslo, Norway
Thanks for the great program Jeff. I've been training with ATHLEAN-X for over 2 years now. I would recommend it to anyone, it will keep you motivated with all the challenges and new exercises everyday. With the ATHLEAN-X training program I am able to train at home with minimal equipment and get my workout in a short period of time.
I am able to save money by not having to pay for a gym membership or a lot of equipment so I like that a lot. The workouts change everyday so it's never boring. Keep up the good work TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Jeremy Cummings Jeremy Cummings
Jeremy CummingsΔ
Jeremy Cummings: 26 Redding, California
I have been working out for about 6 years and started while I was in the army. I've never seen faster results in such a short period of time. I've done Insanity, P90x and crossfit and they don't even come close. I've never felt more in control of every part of my body. I tell everyone I talk to about working out to try this program.  
Austin Williams Austin Williams
Austin WilliamsΔ
Austin Williams: 17 Saint George, Utah
I'm Austin Williams 17 years old and have always wanted just a little six pack at first but then it turned into more then just that and I realized I always want to live a healthy lifestyle and never be satisfied as in always having goals and that's what ATHLEAN-X has guided me too I felt extremely lost with the whole fitness world and who to believe and who not to, the results speak for themselves. Thanks for everything TEAM ATHLEAN.  
Matt Wilkus Matt Wilkus
Matt Wilkus – Hardgainer Changes LifestyleΔ
Matt Wilkus: 21 Waseca, Minnesota
Thanks Jeff for the great program. I will be on TEAM ATHLEAN for life. I love how the program workouts change daily and is never the same thing. The meal plan helped me get on track because before I was eating unhealthy and then trying to make up for it in the gym. Because of my poor diet I was over-training in the gym and wasn't seeing the muscle growth I wanted.
Once I got on AX-1 that all changed. This program is focused on science which is great because everything Jeff teaches us to do there is a proven reason he has us doing it. Thanks guys!