6 comments on “8 PACK ABS VS. 6 PACK ABS

  1. A very solid and polished post. The illusion about the 8-pack definitely needs to be shattered and let’s not forget the other basics about Taylor Lauter as well. What about the following?: his food plan, his body type, his supplementation, his rest cycles, etc. All of these need to be seen as a whole than a separate issue.

  2. Hi Jeff!

    I am a bit confused about abs anatomy and workout. Let me explain why:
    You are stating in this post that the abdominal muscle is only one single muscle and that it consequently cannot be considered as separated parts (upper, middle, lower). Ok with that, as we are talking about anatomy.

    But if so, then why – as widely proposed by most abs workouts – are you proposing, in your previous post called \"HOW TO DESIGN AB WORKOUTS FOR BEST RESULTS\", exercises focusing on those three different parts?

    I just would like to understand well what is this all about… and trust you are the one for that, as I keep up eagerly with your job and greatly appreciate it!

    Many thanks in advance!

    • AthLEAN-X on Aug 2, 2010 2:45 pm |

      Hey Cedric

      It works like this. While the abdominal muscle (rectus abdominus) is one muscle that contracts on an “all or none” basis….there are certainly different ways to stress the fibers depending on the direction of the movement and how it’s initiated. So for instance, the lower fibers (while still part of the overall contracting muscle) can be favored by initiating the contraction from the bottom up. The upper fibers can be stressed more directly by initiating movement from the top down. So while the entire muscle contracts…it is possible to have different areas of the muscle contract more strongly depending on the direction of pull and the onset of the movement. Hope that clears things up a bit for you.

      Best in health,

  3. “Because ever since young Hollywood star Taylor Lautner lifted his shirt on Access Hollywood to reveal his 8, count em 8, pack…young women and men have been equally craving to have a part of young Taylor (though obviously different parts).”

    Hey I just wanted to point out that young women and men might be craving the same parts. Don’t forget your gay readers. 🙂

  4. I have a six pack right now…
    1) Does that mean that i cant get an eight pack?
    2) If i do lower ab exercises a lot, will i at least get SOMETHING on the bottom which looks like Zyzz? (He doesnt have a cut in between the bottom two)
    3) Do ur abs show when u dont flex?

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