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Total Beaxst

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Frequently Asked Questions

Athletic conditioning is comprised of training to help you build cardiovascular resistance, speed, strength and balance through plyometric or other drills which are designed to help you improve performance.

Conditioning exercise is a type of cardio because it helps improve cardiovascular health by using exercises and drills to increase heart rate.

Conditioning exercise helps to burn fat because it increases heart rate. When you increase heart rate during exercise, it increases your metabolism and will burn calories more quickly, either those you’ve consumed or those that are stored as body fat.

The best exercises for athletic conditioning include jump rope and sprints because they will help improve speed and cardiovascular health.

If your goals are to build muscle and burn fat, you should perform your athletic conditioning workouts 1-3 times per week, preferably on days when you are not performing a strength training workout.

An athletic conditioning workout helps you improve cardiovascular health, speed, strength and balance by performing athletic or plyometric drills. These are designed to improve athletic performance, often for a specific sport for practicing athletes, or in general for health.