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Frequently Asked Questions

The 4 best corrective exercises to fix posture are the Broomstick Exercise, Face Pulls, Resisted Neck Flexion, and the Hamstring Stretch. These fix the four most common posture issues which are thoracic kyphosis, rounded shoulders, forward head posture, posterior pelvic tilt.

The best exercise to fix forward head posture is the Resisted Neck Flexion exercise. It helps activate the deep neck flexors which strengthens the neck. It’s also important to know that rounded back and shoulders cause forward head posture, so you should use corrective exercises for these issues as well.

The best way to improve posture is by using corrective exercises that strengthen the weak muscles causing the posture issue. For example, sitting at a desk all day can create rounded back and shoulders and forward neck positions. Therefore, it’s important to strengthen the back, shoulders and neck with appropriate corrective exercises for each.

To fix back posture that is rounded forward due to sitting at a desk all day, try the Broomstick Exercise which helps you get extension through the thoracic spine.

To correct your posture, it’s important to counteract the forward rounding of the back, shoulders and neck that are caused by sitting and slumping forward during the day. You can try corrective exercises like the Broomstick Exercise for the thoracic spine, the Face Pull for rounded shoulders and the Resisted Neck Flexion exercise for forward head posture.

Mobility exercises help to make sure your joints are able to move through their entire range of motion.