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Did you know… 20% of the population has some degree of knee valgus? Even worse, 54% show signs of this when squatting. I’m talking about knees that cave inward and in either case, it’s NOT GOOD!

When your knees move excessively inward during a squat, you’re not only trashing your knees… But you’re wreaking havoc on your whole body. If they cave inward even when you’re not squatting, the situation is even worse.

Jesse is baring his knocked kneed baby bird legs in this one all in the name of getting you the help you need!

I think you’re going to find this to hold the solution to a problem you may have had for far too long.


P.S.  Remember, it’s really hard to build your body when the foundation is broken.  As a physical therapist I never overlook the importance of this.  That’s why I  work it right into the workouts in all of my programs. Start building a bigger body the right way today…

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P.P.S.  If you know someone who has this issue, do me a  favor and share this video with them.  I think it could really change the way their body moves (and looks) once and for all.

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