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Frequently Asked Questions

You can workout abs up to 5-6 days per week, unlike other muscle groups which would need more rest time between training sessions. Because the abdominal muscles are involved in nearly every movement we perform through the day, they can be trained much more frequently.

Abs workouts don’t burn belly fat, but ab exercises help build abdominal muscles. The abdominal muscles or ‘six pack’ won’t be visible if there is belly fat covering them, so it’s best to adopt a healthy nutrition plan to lose belly fat along with ab workouts to build your abs.

It is ok to workout abs every day, unlike other muscle groups of the body. Since the ab muscles are used for every activity of daily living we perform, they can be trained much more often without needing as much rest time between sessions.

The best exercise for abs is the Sliding Ab Tuck. It works the entire rectus abdominis muscle from top to bottom, as well as the obliques. Best of all, it requires no equipment to perform.

The best exercises to give you abs are the Sliding Ab Tuck, the Swiper and the Levitation Crunch. These exercises work every area of the rectus abdominis including the lower abs and obliques.

The best workout for abs should work every region of the abs and all of the abdominal muscles. In order to be most efficient, it should also work the regions of the abs according to the Six Pack Progression (1) lower abs (2) bottom up (3) obliques (4) mid-range (5) top-down rotation (6) top down. This ensures that you’re doing the most difficult part of the workout first and the least difficult part toward the end.

Ab workouts do not burn belly fat, but they do build abdominal muscle. To burn belly fat it’s important to follow a healthy nutrition plan and include cardiovascular exercise into your routine, along with ab workouts to help build the ab muscles.

To get abs fast, it’s important to train your abs regularly, up to once daily. You also need to burn body fat and belly fat so that your abdominal muscles will become visible. This can be done with a combination of a healthy nutrition plan and including some cardiovascular exercise into your routine.