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Frequently Asked Questions

The best exercises to workout lower back are the Barbell Deadlift, the Barbell Dead Row and the Frog Glute Bridge.

The best back workout should work not only the lats and traps will pullups and lat pulldowns, but also work other important muscles of the back like traps, low back, rotator cuff and teres major. You’ll want to include exercises like Deadlifts, Chin-Ups, Dead Rows and Cable Rows.

You can workout back at home with no equipment at all using bodyweight back exercises like the Back Widow, Sliding Lat Pulldown and Reverse Superman.

The Wall Drivers exercise is one of the best exercises for lower back pain because it helps to strengthen the gluteus medius. A weak gluteus medius muscle, caused by sitting too much throughout the day, is a major cause of lower back pain.

The deadlift exercise works lower back and other muscles of the back like the lats and the traps, as well as legs, glutes and abs.

Three of the best exercises to strengthen back muscles are the Barbell Deadlift, the Wide Grip Pullup and the Barbell Dead Row.

To build back muscle it’s important not to focus only on the lats, but also utilize exercises that hit all the other back muscles including the traps, low back, rotator cuff and teres major. It’s also important not to train just in the vertical plane, but also in the horizontal plane so that you’re adequately training the entire range of motion of the back muscles.

The best workout for back hits all of the back muscles in their entire range of motion and hits every function of the back. It would include exercises like the Barbell Deadlift, Wide Grip Pullup, Barbell Dead Row, and Barbell Shrug.

The 3 best back exercises to do if you’re looking to build muscle and strength are the Barbell Deadlift, Wide Grip Pullup and Barbell Dead Row.