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Utter the words “Rack Pulls” and you are sure to strike a nerve with at least someone. Well, RACK PULLS! There, I said it. Now see what I have to say about them here.

As you might expect; I’m coming at this from a unique perspective. I’m going to look at it from both a strength coach’s point of view as well as a physical therapist.

I’m going to show you exactly what might be happening to your body when doing this exercise. I’m also going to be breaking out the skeleton to make it easy to understand. Oh yeah…. and the other skeleton (JESSE!)

Actually, as you’ll see, I kid. Jesse is packing on even more gains of late!


P.S.  The key to any exercise is knowing the specific purpose of why you’re doing it an how it fits into your overall plan or goals.  I’ve already done that work for you with each of my programs.  There’s a purpose and a plan to get you there…

Pick the program that matches your current goals here – then get results!

P.P.S.  I think you’re going to find this video to be pretty fair and helpful.  If you think it could help someone you know or a friend you train with, please do me a favor and share it with them.  It will be greatly appreciated!

Stop Doing Rack Pulls Like This (SAVE A FRIEND!)

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