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Frequently Asked Questions

The best stretches to fix rounded shoulders are the Sleeper Stretch, Rolling Chest Stretches, Subscapularis Stretches, and Pec Minor Stretches. It’s important to do mid-back or thoracic spine stretches because this area gets tight on most people due to constant sitting at desks or at the steering wheel. When the mid-back is tight, rounded shoulders occur.

The best tennis elbow exercises are Kettlebell Swing variations, One Arm Reclining Hangs variations and the Forearm Hang.

To fix knee pain when lunging, perform a Reverse Lunge instead of a Forward Lunge. When you perform the Reverse Lunge, the joint stress is taken off of the patellar tendon because of the backward movement of the leg.

If you suffer from knee pain, it’s important to know that you can still safely train your legs without causing further knee injury. The best exercises for knee pain are the Isometric Squat Hold, the Pause Squat, the Reverse Lunge, and the Bulgarian Split Squat Hop.

One of the best plantar fasciitis exercises is the Calf Wall Stretch which is more effective than typical calf stretching exercises. Since a weak glute medius can be a cause of plantar fasciitis it can be helpful to do the Gluteus Medius Wall Exercise. Lack of lower back mobility can also impact your feet, so it’s recommend to also do the Spinal Arching Exercise and the Spinal Rotation exercise.

The most common gym injury is an elbow injury, sometimes referred to as Tennis Elbow, which causes elbow pain that can prevent you from doing many weightlifting exercises. The Side Lateral Raise exercise is one of the most common culprits for elbow pain when it is performed incorrectly.