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As someone that has dealt with some pretty sharp knee pain when lunging…I not only can tell you WHY this may be happening to you too

BUT More importantly…How to fix it!

Check out this quick video solution

Two of the most irreplaceable movement patterns when training legs are…The squat & the lunge. You just can’t afford to get rid of either one.

But what if you get pain? The Lunging Knee Pain Fix (simple and fast!)

knee-pain-with-lunges-leg-workout-ytI like to say that we put the science back in strength here at ATHLEAN-X.


Because your body would prefer if you did!

Hope you find this one helpful my friend.



P.S. Sure, these PT type strength videos might sound “nerdy” to some, but I can tell you they hold the secret to major gains in the gym. When you train the way you’re body wants you to train, you can not only lift more, get stronger and build bigger muscles, but you can do it more quickly!

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P.P.S. Is serious knee pain (or pain in some other joint) really getting in the way of your progress in the gym? Then use the joint recovery formula that major league baseball strength coaches are using with their players this season.

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