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As someone that has some pretty screwed up knees… I know just how hard sore knees can make any leg workout.

BUT There’s no skipping leg days! And I can show you the best leg exercises to make sure you don’t have to!

Whether you have: – Torn ACL (repaired or un-repaired) – Meniscus tear – Arthritis – Patellar Tendonitis (PTF Syndrome) OR Just generally sore knees when you train legs

This video will be a BIG HELP to you.

No More Knee Pain with Your Leg Workouts (HERE’S HOW)

knee-exercises-for-pain-free-leg-workouts-ytPutting the science back in strength for you in this video. This is such a common problem. I felt it needed a definitive video to help the many that are dealing with it. Hope you find it really helpful!



P.S.  NFL and NBA players often have multiple surgeries on their knees during their careers.  Can’t mean the end of leg training though. Not if they want to keep playing.  I get paid to keep guys on the court and field…performing at the top of their game.  I can help you to feel at the top of your game too.  Feel better than ever while getting bigger and stronger than ever here The Complete ATHLEAN-X Training and Nutrition System

P.P.S.  If you know someone whose knees are a problem for them, especially when they work out, do me a favor and share this video with them.  This will help them too!

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