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A few years back while working for the NY Mets…I took a player up on a bet that I couldn’t throw a ball from the right field corner to third base on the fly!  “YOU’LL NEVER DO IT”  My favorite words!

Well, I’m happy to say I won the bet…But killed my shoulder!! It hurt every time I did pullups or hanging ab raises until I…

Maybe you know the feeling too? You grab a pullup bar and feel either a sharp pain in your shoulder when you pull..OR You get a dull throb after you let go of the bar.  In either case, this will help you.

working-out-with-shoulder-injury-ytShoulder pain with pullups (why and what to do)!

Having some pain when training is definitely not uncommon. And shutting down your workouts is usually the worst thing you can do.  Training smart and making some changes that allow you to keep training is key to getting better faster and keeping your gains coming. This video is just one example of how to do that.



P.S. I like to think it’s videos like these that separate A-X from your average workout programs. As a physical therapist to trained pro athletes, I have to know how to get maximum muscle, size and performance…when maybe everything doesn’t feel exactly 100%! Sound familiar?

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