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Let’s face it. Your muscles are lazy. So are mine. They always look for the easy way out of an exercise. UNLESS…You make them do the work. See how the abs “get lazy” here (and why it’s so bad)

When your abs look to other muscles to do their job…Two things happen:

1. Your abs stay weak and undeveloped

2. You can get serious back pain

 See what causes this and what to do about it. back-pain-with-ab-exercises-ytThere’s one quick tweak you can make in your very next ab workout that will make a huge difference. Anyone can do it. Provided the rest of you isn’t feeling too lazy to try it!!

Kidding! Give this a shot. It will help.



P.S. It’s not always a good thing when muscles work together (as you’ll see in this video). To develop truly impressive muscle you have to only allow the ones that are supposed to work together…to do so.

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