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Do Pullups Cause You Elbow Pain?

Does the inside of your elbow hurt when you do pullups? This is very common. In fact, it affects up to 70% of lifters at some point.

See…1. What causes it… 2. A quick fix for it… 3. How to prevent it from coming back!

Even if you have never gotten that burning elbow pain when doing a pullup… You’re going to want to watch this. It could prevent you from ever joining the 70% that will!  Elbow Pain with Pullups (FIX THIS HERE!)

elbow-pain-with-pullups-golfers-elbow-ytThe old saying… No Pain, No Gain Is outdated and rooted in broscience. The secret to consistent gains without plateaus is to be able to train without pain. This is a great start (especially if you’re already dealing with this!)



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