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Did you know ab workouts should follow a specific progression of exercises for best results?

Or that if your ab workout is good enough it can get the job done in under 7 minutes?

Today I want to take you through a 6 minute and 30 second ab workout like the ones I do every single day.  Don’t think that’s long enough?  I’m about to prove you wrong!

With just six ab exercises, I covered my lower abs, obliques and core stabilizers. When I was finished, I felt like I couldn’t have completed another rep.

This workout is just another example of two things that give ATHLEAN-X training the advantage over others:

  1. Workout INTENSITY trumps LENGTH when it comes to getting results.
  2. There’s a SCIENCE and a SEQUENCE to what we do.

For this routine, we’re going to use the 6 Pack Shuffle feature that comes with all of our ATHLEAN-X programs. You’ll see that the ab exercises shown here follow what I call the ‘Six Pack Progression’ as do all the workouts in the 6 Pack Shuffle.

I’ll explain what I mean before we begin the workout, but I wanted to include a graphic to help familiarize you with the main abdominal muscles.abdominal muscle anatomy including upper and lower rectus abdominis and obliques


The 6 Pack Shuffle feature is built into all of our ATHLEAN-X programs, so when you purchase one you’ll have instant access to it.

It allows you to indicate at what level you want to train, how often you want to train abs and what equipment you have available to use. This means you can do your ab workouts literally anywhere, including at home.

For the purposes of today’s workout I’m going to choose Max Level and no equipment so that you can follow along with me at home. I’ll just indicate my level, choose ‘no equipment’ and hit ‘START’ and it brings up a shuffled workout.

6 Pack Shuffle App


The order of exercises that the 6 Pack Shuffle deals up is not random!

I programmed it so that every single shuffle workout follows my ‘Six Pack Progression’ which is a specific sequence in which you should train your abs for best results.

My ‘Six Pack Progression’ works the ab muscles in this sequence to get optimal results:

  1. Lower abs
  2. Bottom up
  3. Obliques
  4. Mid-range
  5. Top down rotation
  6. Top down

This workout will be following that important ‘Six Pack Progression’ and I also optimized the shuffle algorithm to make sure you’re getting your rest time exactly when you need it – when you can’t take it anymore!


With just 6 ab exercises and very little space on the floor, you can do each of the moves in this abs workout and be well on your way to getting an impressive six pack.

1. One Up One Down for 60 seconds (Lower Abs)

one up one down ab exercise

2. Twisting Pistons for 60 seconds (Bottom Up Rotation/Obliques)

twisting pistons ab exercise




3. Hands Free Tucks for 60 seconds (Mid-Range)

hands free tucks abs exercise

4. Starfish Crunch for 30 seconds (Top Down Rotation)

starfish crunch ab exercise

5. 90-90 Crunch for 60 seconds (Top Down)

90 90 crunch abs exercises


6. Starfish Crunch for 60 seconds (Finisher)

starfish crunch ab exercises


6:30, that’s all it takes. My abs are fried! This is exactly why I tell you guys, you don’t have to work out forever to get a hard workout in.

By stringing the ab exercises together in this specific ‘Six Pack Progression’ sequence, we target your abs’ strengths and weaknesses in a more efficient way.  That’s how I’m able to help you get much more from every ab workout you do and in a much shorter period of time.

Six pack abs are made from the combination of two things: a locked in nutrition plan and killer ab workouts that push you past your point of comfort.

Six pack abs are made from the combination of two things: a locked in nutrition plan and killer ab workouts that push you past your point of comfort. In order to get good results, you have to be willing to increase the intensity of your workouts. The 6 Pack Shuffle feature will definitely help you to do that.

6 pack shuffle app for six pack abs with athlean x programs

The home page for the 6 Pack Shuffle app that is included with all ATHLEAN-X programs.

This is only one example of an ab workout that 6 Pack Shuffle can serve up.  The possibilities are endless! You can adapt it to whatever equipment you’ve got available to you on any given day. Keep switching it up to get even better results!


  1. One Up One Down for 60 seconds 
  2. Twisting Pistons for 60 seconds
  3. Hands Free Tucks for 60 seconds
  4. Starfish Crunch for 30 seconds 
  5. 90-90 Crunch for 60 seconds 
  6. Starfish Crunch for 60 seconds

Like all of the workouts available from ATHLEAN-X, don’t worry if you cannot perform this particular one because of the difficulty level I chose. By choosing your ability level, the exercises will be scaled to challenge you wherever you’re at. Both beginner ab workouts and advanced ab workouts are available at the click of a button!

The exact 6 Pack Shuffle workout creator I show you and use for this workout is available with all of our ATHLEAN-X Training Programs. Get yours now (along with your day by day nutrition and workout plans) and get a ripped six pack while building athletic muscle from head to toe in just 90 days.

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