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total gymDon’t Get Angry Chuck!  But I’ve got to say it like it is on this one.  So here it goes.  The TOTAL GYM is a Total piece of…valuable home gym equipment that even the busy guy, who’s doubted it’s benefits, can get a challenging workout on.  That is…if they use it the right way!

You see guys, there are two rules you want to always remember.  The first is, you NEVER MAKE CHUCK NORRIS ANGRY! The second is virtually any piece of equipment used creatively can challenge the body in ways that new muscle growth are possible.

How to REALLY Use the Total Gym

That said, I see a lot of people who use the TOTAL GYM to nowhere near it’s capacity to strengthen them.  Frankly, they’re exercising more like Christie Brinkley than they are Big Chuck!  Remember guys…if you want to stimulate new muscle growth you have to stress the working muscles enough to cause an adaptation (in this case…more muscle size and definition!).  Chuck Norris

So how do you rectify this situation.  Simple.  The first thing you have to do is take the clothes that are hanging on the TOTAL GYM and put them neatly back on hangers and in your closet.

Second, you have to make sure you elevate the total gym platform so that it’s at its highest degree of incline.  What this will do is cause you to lift your bodyweight up a steeper vertical slope which will put you at a battle more with gravity.  While you’re still bound to win this matchup (at least temporarily) you’ll be accomplishing much more work in the process.

From there you want to make sure that you select exercises that are going to really make you work and cause you to fatigue out in the 10-12 rep range.  Perhaps one of the greatest examples of this type of workout is the one I recently posted on youtube that shows you how to work your biceps and develop huge peaks by performing one simple move on the TOTAL GYM.

Do this one correctly and you’ll never ever again complain that you don’t know how to get the biceps to respond to training. The TOTAL GYM enables you to put constant tension on the muscle that you’re working via it’s smooth range of motion and “cheat-limiting” design.  If you didn’t see this video on how to build bigger biceps with this one move, then simply click on that link and it will show you in live action exactly what I’m talking about.

Don’t Totally Dismiss the Total Gym

The point is this guys…don’t immediately dismiss the TOTAL GYM as a total waste of money and something that can’t be used to help you build muscle.  It absolutely can.  You just have to use it.

Now, am I recommending you all run out and buy one?  No, not at all.  I can think of 10 other things I’d buy first before that if I was starting a home gym and wanted to get the best I could for my money.  BUT…the fact of the matter is that lots of you guys already own one of these!  So why not make the most of it and start incorporating it into your workout routines.

Make bodyweight exercises into super bodyweight exercises by challenging yourself against gravity.  Elevate that slope and increase your chances of actually benefitting from a machine that you long ago chalked up as your designated $400 clothes hanger!

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