So if you’ve come to this page you’re probably wondering what the heck AthLEAN-X is? Does it actually mean something or is it just another fitness program with a letter “X” in the name to make it sound cool? Actually, it is far more thought out than that, and when you’re done reading this you will hopefully see that it clearly stands out amongst the sea of workout programs for not only it’s totally unique style of training, but also the credentials of the man who created the program itself…Jeff Cavaliere. But let’s start with the word itself…AthLEAN. What does it mean? If you take a look at the spelling you will quickly realize that it is just two letters away from the spelling of the word “athleTE”. There is a reason for this. The word is not just a convenient combination of the words “Athletic” and “Lean”, but rather a philosophy for the complete style of training that embodies the program…as well as the physical look that this type of workout creates for you when you perform it! Being “AthLEAN” is about not only looking as muscular, defined, and powerful as the fittest of today’s top pro athletes…but also FUNCTIONING like one as well! Are we saying you need to BE a professional athlete to train with this system? Absolutely not. While it’s true that Jeff’s professional sports background has contributed heavily to the creation of this style of training, by no means must you be a pro, or even an athlete at all, to share in the benefits of improved overall health, reduced body fat, and increased lean muscle and flexibility. The reality is simply this… ff you want to LOOK like a pro athlete then you have to start TRAINING like one. Gone are the days of 25 set chest workouts and endless sets of bicep concentration curls that yield little in return and have left you sacrificing muscle functionality for size (or at least the fat free size that you were promised by the magazines until you realized that what you were left with was movement restricting and unattractive “bulk”). In fact, the whole premise of “bulk up and lean down” is so unnecessary and passé according to Cavaliere, that those that have been believers of that approach have been able to achieve their results in half the time by instead adopting his principles into their workouts. That said, if the type of physique you’re after is one that displays almost cartoonish muscle mass (that actually makes you look overweight in clothes!), is often “chemically enhanced”, qualifies you to step on stage at the next Mr. Olympia competition, and renders you functionally limited and inflexible…then by all means we ask that you leave this site now, since you will not find what you’re looking for. For those that remain we are sure you will love not only the results this type of training provides you (often for the first time in your life) but also the style of workouts that actually make working out fun and enjoyable again. Being “AthLEAN” is soon to become an adjective that represents the epitome of health and lean muscularity. Will you be able to call yourself this? As for the “X”. Again, for those who know Cavaliere or have been fortunate enough to be trained by him, you just know that his workouts and creativity bring that “extra something” to the table that other programs and trainers fall short in delivering. This truly is his fitness “X-Factor”. It’s his innate ability to be able to reach deep down into his clients will…to turn off the impulse to say “I quit” and instead turn on the desire to say “I Can”. It’s his ability to challenge a room full of people of various fitness levels with one exercise (but unlimited variations!) to be sure that each and every person is getting the absolute most from those next 12 reps or 45 seconds. It’s represents the uniqueness of his exercises that combine movements in such a way as to light up muscle fibers that you never knew existed, all while getting the most out of the ones you thought you were originally focusing on! It’s the “X-treme” difference that those who train using his workouts will talk about when compared to the results they achieved following other programs. Finally it represents the “X-tra” mile that Cavaliere consistently goes to ensure that his workouts consist of well thought out, precisely dosed biomechanically safe exercises (his priority as a physical therapist) to ensure you remain healthy and able to enjoy the benefits of your training for years to come…not just the next workout. And now it’s the “X-Perience” that he provides with his AthLEAN-X Training System that makes these same exact workouts and training philosophies available to you!! Jeff Cavaliere’s road to fitness training and super stardom continues to evolve as we hit the new decade. The NYC and Connecticut based celebrity trainer’s desire to help others is deeply rooted in the previously mentioned fact that he is a registered Physical Therapist. In fact, Cavaliere’s skills in this area led him to serving as the head PT (as well as the assistant strength coach) for the New York Mets for three seasons (2006, 2007, and 2008) training the likes of the game’s greats such as Pedro Martinez, Johan Santana, Jose Reyes, Tom Glavine, Carlos Delgado and Carlos Beltran. It was this “behind the scenes” experience working with elite level athletes within Major League Baseball that was largely the inspiration for his creation of the AthLEAN-X Training System. He realized that the reality of the training that actually went into building the body of a pro athlete was actually far different from the perception of how we think it’s accomplished and it is these misconceptions that are actually costing us the chance to look like them! Long strenuous workouts (and hours each day to do them), genetic advantages, and preferred access to expensive high tech equipment ARE NOT the secrets to athletic physiques! In fact, brief but intense strength training workouts (in fact, just 30-45 minutes maximum 3 times per week!) that focus on the combination of ground based training “time under tension” and “muscle confusion” principles along with “AthLEAn Burst” conditioning (hint…NOT your typical cardio!) just twice a week is THE recipe for success…and now Cavaliere makes it all available to you in a clear step by step, day by day, “follow along” approach that totals, at most, a three hour weekly commitment! You literally feel as if you’re one of his athletes being coached and encouraged to push forward as you avoid training plateaus and sprint down the fast track to AthLEAN! So what are you waiting for? Stop being disappointed by fitness programs that encourage hours of the wrong kind of cardio, exercises that are harmful to your joints and become monotonous and boring (to say it kindly), and training frequencies that simply do not allow your natural body enough time to heal and recover (the secret to adding true lean muscle!) and put your trust into a program that has proven results with a proven credentialed trainer that truly delivers consistent, impressive results…in literally half the time you thought was necessary. Welcome to AthLEAN-X! Will you be NeXt?