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Hey Ladies…

Most women know that it’s important to work shoulders, but they don’t exactly get excited about it…But today’s workout is definitely something to get motivated about! You’ll get an amazing ABS workout while you train your shoulders!

XX_absShoulders30 Min ABS AND SHOULDERS!!

You can accomplish a LOT in just 30 minutes if you maximize your time.

In fact, it’s really all the time you need to get an effective workout!!

Our ATHLEAN-XX workouts are just 30 minutes long but they do double duty!

Get cardio and strength done at the same time!

Try ATHLEAN-XX today!



P.S. Still not convinced 30 minutes is a long enough workout? We promise you will be after you try one of the workouts in our 90 day program!

Most women say legs, butt and (believe it or not) arms are the toughest!

Give us a try!

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