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Hey Ladies!

Sit ups, crunches, planks…. Sick of the same old abs moves? Well today we’ve got a workout with some fun new moves we bet you’ve never tried!

5 Minute FLAT ABS Workout!!

XX_16_FlatAbsAs ATHLEAN-XX trainer Susan says, flattening out the belly takes a healthy nutrition plan, too! And if you’re sick and tired of the same old nutrition advice… (Low fat, low calorie, no treats) It’s time to try ATHLEAN-XX! You don’t have to give up your favorite foods on our flexible meal plan! Get on board with ATHLEAN-XX!


P.S. The ABS workout in our 90 day ATHLEAN-XX program is anything but boring! It’s 30 minutes of the most effective exercises and it’ll keep you moving and sweating the whole time! See a preview here!

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