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Hey Ladies!

Today we’ve got a treat for you! A complete 20 minute real time abs workout using bodyweight and equipment! 20 Minute ABS AND OBLIQUES!!

XX_12_AbsObliquesStandard crunches are totally out of style! The best ab workouts contain moves that utilize bodyweight, swiss ball, dumbbells and other equipment!

Our ATHLEAN-XX abs workout contains fresh, new, creative and effective exercises…

To help you get your best abs ever!

Get that seXXy six pack with ATHLEAN-XX!



P.S. Getting that six pack is also dependant on following the best nutrition plan…one that includes the right proportions of protein, healthy fats, starchy and fibrous carbs!

It doesn’t have to be confusing!

Let ATHLEAN-XX show you how it’s done!

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