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As you all know, core strength isn’t only about abs!

The best core exercises work glutes and low back too… And help you build a strong base for EVERYTHING you do, In your fitness endeavors and in daily life! = Add THESE To Your ROUTINE!!

XX_69_BeginnerCoreWhether you’re a true beginner or a little more advanced… ATHLEAN-XX can help you get a lot leaner and stronger in just 90 days!

AXX works for all levels with its beginner to advanced modifications! Which means you can do ATHLEAN-XX for life! Check us out!



P.S. If you’re a true beginner just starting AXX, you’ll choose beginner modifications, lighter weight and take more rest between sets. As you get stronger, you’ll continue to take less rest, do more advanced modifications and increase that weight! Get the plan that grows with you!

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